[FINISHED] TUI Virtual Christmas Formation Flight over Lapland @EGKK - 221800ZDEC17

Hello there IFC! First off, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas so far (It’s never too early). Secondly, we would like to deeply apologize for the inactivity of our VA recently. We realize we must have ‘disappeared’ for a little while; this is due to a mix around and a small change to our VA. We are pleased to welcome our new Chairman @dannyshaw24, he has done an amazing job with helping us out and we look forward to working with him! Anyway to the fun and Christmas spirit; fancy joining TUI Virtual on a Christmas Formation Flight? It will take place on the Training Server so that everyone is eligible to attend; from EGKK-EFIV. So, the idea we have would be to have 2 flightpaths for the reindeer which would be parallel to each other. See below information with drop down arrows for FPL, Gates at EGKK and dedicated Callsigns available for participators. As it is a formation flight, it will be similar to follow the leader. The leader of your group being @Jack_IF and @ViNEXT, (with @dannyshaw24 as SANTA at the very front)the next person down in the group list below will follow behind them. So on and so forth.


Server: Training (TS1)

Aircraft: 788 (787-8 TUI Livery)

Airport: EGKK-EFIV

Time: 1800Z

Date: 22nd December 2017

Gates & Callsigns (More gates can be added for spectators for general use or if the places have run out. If you are a spectator, callsign in custom:

Details concerning Gates & Callsigns for the first reindeer flightpath.

Track one:


Gate 130:DASHER- @Jack_IF
Gate 131:PRANCER-
Gate 132:COMET-
Gate 133:DONNER- @John_Ryan
Gate 134:RUDOLPH-

Details concerning Gates & Callsigns for the second reindeer flightpath.

Track two:


Gate 140:DANCER- @ViNEXT
Gate141:VIXEN- @J9J9T
Gate 142:CUPID-
Gate 143:BLITZEN-

Gate 144:SANTA- @dannyshaw24

NOTAM: *Please note that if you are in reindeer group 2, you will be copying your FPL from @Vinext and if you are in reindeer group 1, copy from @Jack_IF. The flight time will be approximately 3.5 hours long following a direct route. We are expecting 29kt maximum wind coming up from the South-West giving us a tailwind most of the way there. Please take this into account when planning fuel etc. @Jack_IF will be leading the way as DASHER and so when he pushes back, follow. *

Extra details worth noting:

Climb rate VS +2000

Climb speed 230Knots

Cruise altitude FL300

Cruise speed M.88 speed up to this once above 10,000ft MSL.

The flight will be approx 3.5 hours and so we expect to arrive at EFIV at 22:30Z. Bring around 2-3 hours of fuel more if possible.

From all of here at TUI Virtual, we wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holiday! We would love to see you there for some Christmas cheer,


Discover your smile


I look forward to attending!

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Can I have a gate please.

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Sure Gate 133 for you sir! glad to have you on board :-)

Your assigned gate 141 :-)

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Don’t forget to message us if you need anymore info, we are always here to help :-)

still spaces available for anyone

Is the Virtual Airline still operating?

The event ended two months ago, maybe wanna ask on their official thread buddy.

Can I have a link to it? I can’t find it

@AnsettAviatior Sorry, I’m not sure if it has been announced officially; TUI Virtual is closed of operations.

Regard to PM. That is someone different as you’ll find out Sir. @Infinite_Flight_Dude

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