(Finished) TravelSky | Farewell TSK QuickJet @ TNCM - 171900ZSEP16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Caribbean Region

Airport: TNCM

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Flight Plan may differ due to wind conditions on the day of the event.

Hey everyone,
This TravelSky event, has quite the bitter sweet feeling. As the Global Flight update is coming nearer, and nearer, we at Travelsky are busy with renewing, and overhauling our fleet. This will mean a lot of changes are coming to TSK. One of these changes is the ceasing of TravelSky’s business subsidiary. The fleet of Cessna Citation X’s will be sent off to be scrapped, or will be re-sold to separate leasing companies as second-hand aircraft as soon as the update has been released. So, to celebrate a very successful lifetime in the TSK fleet, we will be holding a final flight to commemorate the small, but loved fleet of CCX’s. ** For this event we will be flying the QuickJet route TNCM-TKPK**.

The aircraft in use for this event will be the Cessna Citation X. If you do not have the CCX, you can come in any narrow-body aircraft from the TSK fleet (Aircraft MUST be flown in the generic livery).

This is a rough flight plan (I will file a final flight plan at the begining of the event. Everyone will/should copy the final one).

TravelSky Flight Number: QJT14

As always, if you are able to attend, please leave a quick notice below.
I hope to see a lot of you there on Saturday :)

TravelSky Event Organizer/Planner


Sorry cant come !
Because 🎸 concert with my band

I should make it!


I’ll try and be here. Be sure to remind me cause I’ll forget tho ;)


Ok I’ll be there

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Are the CCX no longer viable?

Here is your answer ;)

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#Event is today at 1900Z!

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I used to fly for TSK VA but I stopped because of exams and I haven’t flown any VA flights since :( I’ll be happy to join you for the event

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I will try and make it

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We would love to have you join us :)

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How many people are attending? My device is rather old and slow so if there’s quite a few pilots there I may join at 1915Z or sometime around that and catch up with you in the air. That would stop my device crashing

We will probably be around 5-6 people. Catching up is completely fine.

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Awesome! See you there!

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Do we use the quick jet callsign

You come in your own personal callsign. It cuts down on confusion.

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#The event starts in 2 hours!


I would use TSKPxx

Where xx is your pilot number (09 for me.)

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Ok I will be tskpp6 (my pilot number is p6)


is it on one of the training servers because I am only grade 2 so can’t get onto the advanced server