(Finished) TravelSky | 2 year Anniversary (and new CEO) celebration @ KSAN - 062000ZNOV16

*4 hours, right?
I’ll come along of course.

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Will come guys !
See you there !
I will take my A319 :)

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Do we have Any Gate assignments?

Im also coming guys.
Callsign: KL-926

Shall we move it to Casual?
SoCal is busy on Expert…

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Hey, Im not a member of your group, but I’d like to join in if I could, not many events going on this weekend.

Sure you can join. Our events are open for everyone :)

I don’t know if we should. It’s not too busy yet.

I will try and come

Great to hear :)

  • Casual
  • Expert
  • Training

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#Event starts in 1 hour!

@Aviationluver what about gate assignments?

Umm… I haven’t though about that. Just park on the first few gates, and we’ll go from there.

#Event begins in 15 minutes!

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ok but just to make sure people park next to each other and not on top of each other

#Sever Change: We will be doing the group flight on the Casual Server!

Cant come. Controlling at KLAX atm

Since we are on the casual, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Have fun ;)

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