(Finished) TravelSky | 2 year Anniversary (and new CEO) celebration @ KSAN - 062000ZNOV16

Server: Casual Server

Region: SoCal Region

Airport: KSAN

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Flight Plan may change due to wind conditions

Hello again everybody!
It’s time for another TravelSky event! We here at TSK have a lot to celebrate with this next event. For one thing, TSK will be turning 2 years old ver shortly! Also, we are proud to announce, that we have a new CEO! Simon (@BavariaAVIATION) will be taking over from Gregg (@grxninesix), who will be remaining a honorary staff member of TravelSky Airlines. To celebrate this amazing event, and the changing of our CEO, we will be doing a massive group flight in one of TSK’s original regions.

We will be flying from KSAN to KLAX via the KPSP VOR. This will mean some great, fun mountain flying. The cruising altitude for this event is completely up to each and every pilot’s own discretion. Just make sure that you don’t crash into the mountains surrounding KPSP! Every attendee should use their own personal callsign.

The plane that will be used for this event will be any aircraft in our current fleet (a320 family preferred ;)).

This is a rough flight plan (Final Flight Plan will be made at the beginning of the event, which everyone will/should copy).

TravelSky Flight number: TSK02

If you are able to attend, please leave a quick message down below.
Let us celebrate TSK’s 2 year anniversary in style!
See you all there :)

TravelSky Event Organizer/Planner


Try to be there

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What’s the current fleet?

Have a look here:

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A Boeing will do nicely then.

Please remember: “A320 Family prefered” 😉

“Any aircraft in our current fleet” 😋

And I know how Simon feels about Boeing! 😆


Yeah thats true. 😂Forgot about that. See ya there @zbelle

Oh thank you ! I am available Sunday!
Saturday I have a concert with my band

You’ve typed wrong. It should say:

In all seriousness, if you come in a Boeing, you won’t be the only one. I’ll be in a 737.


Tell me about it 😒

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Congrats on 2 years TravelSky!

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Oh How can this happen? I typed it wrong? Thats embarrasing. 😉😂

TravelSky birthday is Sept. 24
You’re late guys

Does the birthdsy move every year?!
Because last year it was in November…


What day? .

I was told it was back in September…

I will be there

I shall be coming along.

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#Event is in 4 hours!