[FINISHED]Transatlantic Flight! @KJFK - 201700ZNOV17

What’s that?

What do you mean.

The post right above yours is for everyone the post above that one is for you

Gates are open still.

To specify we have three gates left but more will be added if needed.

I’m 95% sure I can go, so if spaces fill up you can “bump” me 😜

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I gave you a gate so check above! 😉

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2 Gates are now left grab them while they last!

Daniel so sorry just realized I can’t come but looks like a great event!

Totally fine That means we now have three gates open

I’m going to see if we can get ATC service

3 gates left! Grab them when you can!

Is there a PM chat for this event?

Yes there is I sent it out

Time change to 1700Z or 9am pacific time

Where? I can’t find it.

Let me write in it and see.

What’s cruising altitude and all of that?

35,000 speed of 245 then .85 at cruise

Follow us here!

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