[FINISHED]Transatlantic Flight! @KJFK - 201700ZNOV17

Server: Expert

Region: Let me get a dictionary

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1700Z or 9:00AM pacific time Monday

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions and be respectful of others and follow the FPL and guidelines but have fun!



Acceptable Aircraft Lufthansa 747, A380

Gates at Terminal 4
B38: @Daniel14
B36: @Ishan_S
B32: @RichCar_Theif
B30: @TheNewbieTubie
B28: @Goran12
B26: @Awoodbay

More Gates will be added if needed

Hosted by Tailwinds flying club


Who We Are

We’re a flying club who understands the constraints of everyday life, with school, and whatnot. We solve that by making group flights easier to do by giving group flying times well in advance, and with predetermined destinations, so you can find a flight that is ​right for you! –“Flying Farther Together”



Dont forget that if you like our event style to sign up!

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We hope you enjoy this event!

Sign me up …

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you are now signed up!

Thanks :) …

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Could I grab a gate?

you have a gate now! check above

Sign me up!! I’ll be there.

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check above for your gate!

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I would like gate B30

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I’m sorry, I thought it was on Sunday. I won’t be able to make the flight. I will be busy Monday.

totally understandable

I believe for me it will be at 1:00am on a Tuesday morning so… unfortunately I cannot come. :(

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that is totally fine maybe next time :)

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Just to make sure, it is Monday the 20th correct?

yes it is, at 8am pacific time

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Can I get gate b30?..

You have that gate now!

Can I have gate B28 Boeing 747-8 calling sign DLH748.

I have gotten you the gate!

We will be utilizing virtual hubs new flight plan in their new update a I believe it might be out tonight.