[Finished] Trans-Tasman Hop | Qantas Virtual @ YSSY - 020300ZFEB19

image Flight Information

Server: Training Server [TS1]

Departure Airport: Sydney Kingsford International [YSSY]

Arrival Airport: Queenstown International Airport [NZQN]

Time: Saturday, February 2, 2019 3:00 AM
[03:00 Zulu]

Aircraft: Boeing 737 Airbus A320
Livery: Qantas Livery Jetstar Livery

image NOTAM:

  • Join us as we cross the Tasman to our Kiwi neighbours!

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!

  • Qantas Virtual Pilots can log this flight under QFA121 or JST223

image Flightplan:


Flight plan willl be updated closer to the date of the event

image Gates

Gate Pilot
Gate 1-57 @Luke_M
Gate 1-51 @Adam_S
Gate 1-53 @QVG-YMLT_Spotter
Gate 1-54 @Jetstar582
Gate 1-55 @Luke_L
Gate 1-56 @HSBC
Gate 1-58 @IF787
Gate 1-59 @Spotting_NZNV
Gate 1-60 @DylanLee
Gate 1-61 @Rishon_R
Gate 1-63 @nincombop
Gate 1-30 @sam2875
Gate 1-32 @Sam_Kecskes
Gate 1-34 @ItzAviaUk
Gate 1-36 @Chris_Hoss

More gates available if needed.
PM us if you would like an ATC position

This event is hosted by Qantas Virtual Group_
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Oooo. I’ll take gate 1-51 please!

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@Adam_S sure - see you there!

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This sounds awesome! I’ll take gate 1-53 please.

No worries @QVG-YMLT_Spotter - see you there

Awesome I like NZQN so I’ll take a gate
A320 jetstar

Sure @Swiftlings_17 see you there

Gate Pilot
Gate 1-54 @Swiftlings_17

Can i please have gate 1-55

Sure @Luke_L see you there

Count me in!

Gate 1-58 please!
737 Qantas livery

See you both there @HSBC @IF787 :)

May I have Gate 1-60?

May I please have any spare gate?

Sure @Spotting_NZNV @DylanLee see you there!

Sorry I can’t come
I got vios

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can i have gate 1-54 please

Sure see you there @Jetstar582

Hi i would like a gate

Cargo 1-03 QantasLink A320 please.