[Finished!(Time Change)] "Budget" Cancun Flyout {9 Attending!} @MMCZ [131800ZJAN19]

Yes that’s cool. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@JeromeJ and @esant_15

Will you not be able to attend if we pushed it back an hour?

I can push at 1700z

Cessna Citation x to Miami

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Depends, I was hoping for two hours, but as we get closer i’ll inform you if i can attend.

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Fbo stand 05

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How about FBO 06, because the Citation X is a little larger.
Also what Callsign?

That is why you spawned in in a CCX @KIND9624

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THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT 18:00Z! 1H 30M from now!

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@JeromeJ Butter

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N675PY and ok to the gate change

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Yes I can attend sorry for the late reply

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I can attend, see you all in 30!


I’m coming, might be 5 minutes late

I’m a little lost is this at 1730Z or 1830Z?


We will start spawning in “Offically” in 20 minutes!!

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I’m all spawned in!

Just changed my Destination to Atlanta for time constraints

I will actually just fly the Crj900 to MIA because it is more realistic as the flight is operated by a E75L

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That’s cool

Which runway will we be using ?