[Finished!(Time Change)] "Budget" Cancun Flyout {9 Attending!} @MMCZ [131800ZJAN19]

Why does it say “Hello! :D” on the wingtip fence of the plane in the picture?😂🤪


@Playr_Mar How many VA’s are you in?

@TenMileJones your in for the Delta gate.

@Dylan_M why not lol.

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Could the GA ramps fit a 737BBJ?

Yaa, I’ll work it out there are like 2 or 3 which can.

Ok then! Will take a 737BBJ gate to Denver. See you there!

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Alright. You wil spawn in at FBO stand 16. However, you will also be taking up stand 17 as well.

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Also what Callsign do you plan to use?

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I will be N217BX for your information

Thanks, I just want to know who is who during the event. That’s all 😉

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I have put together a sightseeing tour around the island. It only takes around 20-30 minutes depending on your aircraft. There are 2 routes, one takes you back to Cozumel and the other takes you to Cancun!

Feel free to hop in any GA Aircraft, and let me know if you’re going to take any of these routes whenever you sign up!

MMCZ is perfect for the TBM 930 as well as the Cessna Citation X! There is no need to find a gate, just tell me your route and Aircraft and I’ll accommodate you as best as possible based on your size and adjacent aircraft’s size!!

The Event is in one week from today. Please be sure to sign up!!

I’ll take FBO stand 4 with the TBM on the sightseeing tour that lands back in Cozumel. Callsign N13LA.

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Thanks @esant_15 for signing up. Have fun :D


I currently have gate 6 with WestJet and would like to change to American a320 to KCLT

Ok. I’ll change you.

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OK guys. How do I put this. I have a highly possible conflict with this event which is more important. Therefore I will be pushing the event time back 1 or 2h so it will start at 1700 or 1800Z. If this makes it so nobody is able to attend, we can just keep the time but it will be up to you guys. So here:

  • Push Start time back 1 hour
  • Push Start time back 2 hours
  • Keep Current time

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Please don’t vote if your not a part of this event.


I will have to change my destination due to time constraints, so if I could fly to KMIA instead with the American A320 ? I apologize for that…

I can’t join. I have a viola recital

It got canceled because of the snow. I’m still in!