[Finished!(Time Change)] "Budget" Cancun Flyout {9 Attending!} @MMCZ [131800ZJAN19]


This will be on Expert server! So no trolling!

Alright I’m back again here with my third event! this one will be much smaller than my recent on at KIND. There are only 6 commercial gates, and only 3 airlines are going to be a part of this event!

NOTE Although I only started with these 3 airlines, if you wish to fly with any other realistic airline, feel free to request that airline.

Here are the six Commercial Gates:

Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline Aircraft User
Gate 01 KDFW 3h American B737-800 @Playr_mar
Gate 02 KIAH 2h United B737-700 @Joseph007
Gate 03 KORD 3h 15m United B737-700 @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 04 KATL 2h Delta A319 @TenMileJones
Gate 05 MMMY 2h 30m Volaris A319 @Baseball_Inferno
Gate 06 KMIA 3h American A320 @JeromeJ

Here are the GA Aprons:

Gate Destination Aircraft Callsign User
FBO Stand 04 MMCZ TBM-930 N13LA @esant_15
FBO Stand 05
FBO Stand 06 KMIA Citation X N675PY @BadPlane
FBO Stand 07
FBO Stand 08
FBO Stand 09
FBO Stand 10
FBO Stand 11
FBO Stand 12
FBO Stand 13
FBO Stand 14
FBO Stand 15
FBO Stand 16 KDEN B737 BBJ N217BX @Luke_Sta
FBO Stand 17 N/A N/A N/A @Luke_Sta
FBO Stand 18
FBO Stand 19

I put together a “sightseeing tour.” There are two routes you can fly, one which takes you back to Cozumel, and another taking you to Cancun! (MMUN)

Sightseeing Tour with Landing back in Cozumel

CZ403 UN611 D050K CZ603 CZ705 D206K CZ604 CZ506 CALHO MMCZ


Sightseeing Tour with Landing in Cancun

CZ403 UN611 D050K CZ603 CZ705 D206K CZ604 UN635 UN519 MMUN





Gate 2 to IAH!

Alright, your in! Have fun!

Got be usin that new 737-700!


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I would like Gate 5 to MMMY in a Volaris A319-100. Call sign VOI237.

Volaris doesn’t have an a320 in IF. How about an A319?

Alright I’ll put you in. WoW, we only have 4 commercial gates left lol.

Wait, in which server is this going to take place ?

Hmm good point! Expert of course!

May I fly a different route not on there with United ? If so, I would like to fly the United flight to KORD with a
737-700 even though it is flown with a 738 normally ?

Maybe I could have a gate with WestJet 738 to CYYZ if not gate 4 thanks

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Well United only operates from gate 2 so I would have to make an exception. Would you be Okay flying with American? Or do you just really want to fly with United?

Well, I mean I would prefer United as I would like to fly with the split scimitars but otherwise you can decide.

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Oh, I just saw you lol. Yaa I’ll give you gate 6.

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Well, again I prefer flying with airlines but it is up to you.

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You’ll have gate 03 to KORD on a United 737-700.

Thanks for accommodating me !

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There are only 2 Commercial Gates left! Fly with American on their B737-800, and Delta on the beautiful A319!

I’d like to please represent for American Airlines Virtual

May I please have the above gate?
Thank you👍🏿

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I’ll take the delta gate to Atlanta!