[FINISHED] This Day in History: Lithuania Declares Independence from USSR @ UUEE - 102000ZMAR18


Server: Expert (can be changed if enough demand)

Region: Eastern Europe

Airport: UUEE

Aircraft: Any European Airline aircraft

Time: 2000Z

About This Day in History Events: This Day in History is a series of Infinite Flight events commemorating notable moments in world history on the day they occurred.

NOTAM: Welcome to the second attempt at a This Day in History Event. The first one was canceled due to a lack of interest. Today’s historical background is March 11, 1990, however, we will be doing the flight on the 10th. On this day, Lithuania officially declared independence from the USSR, becoming the first Soviet republic to do so. To commemorate this event, we will be flying any aircraft with the livery of any European airline from the former Soviet capital, UUEE (Moscow) to the current Lithuanian capital, EYVI (Vilnius).

Gates: (More gates can be added if needed)
SVO-103: @PeterCLE (Wizz Air A320) (W61328)
SVO-104: @Nashes (Air France 787-10) (AF268)
SVO-105: @Artem_Frolov (AirBaltic Dash 8) (BT001)

Flight Plan:

The flight plan can be copied from me during the spawn. Please spawn 5 minutes prior to the event. The flight should take no more than two hours. Specific procedures will be given by PM before the event. To request a gate or ask any questions, comment below!

Flight Plan: Simbrief, FPLtoIF
Historical Events: History Channel
Gates: LiveFlight
This Day in History Logo: Pinterest

Image credits: Global Story Book


Can I join in an AF 787-10

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Certainly! What would you like your callsign to be?

AF 268 for me please! And how long is the flight?

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It should be 1.5 to 2 hours. I will add you to the list, at gate SVO-104.

Sign me up! AirBaltic Dash-8. Calsign - BT001


You are signed up at gate SVO-105!

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its my birthday on the 10th, but I can’t come unfortunately, I am going to Emirates Aviation Experience in London for a treat in the simulators should be fun!

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Enjoy your birthday! Hopefully you can make it to future This Day in History events!

Only 2 days until the event!

We still have lots of gates available!

Last day to sign up!

It will be a fun event. We will still hold it if we don’t have more signups but the more the merrier!

Only 3 hours to the event! You can still sign up if you’d like.

It was a great event!

Sorry I didn’t come

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Thanks for your interest anyway! I will be posting another This Day in History event for next weekend, so hopefully you can make it to that one!

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