(Finished) The Spring Balkan Fly-out! @LYBE, LBSF, LATI, LROP || 261000ZAPR20

Haha, nice. You can join my Sofia event on the 11th if you want to ;)

I’m sorry, which airport is that flight out of?

Oh right it’s out of Belgrade

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Unfortunately I can’t join, because my expert server status comes back the next day, or maybe I can join depending on the time and timezone

Could you send me the link to the event?

Yeah, sure! It’s not a problem if you can’t join, I just made a recommendation ;)

Come on guys, get your gates! Still plenty left.

Call Sign : NSV2509K
AC : LH A320
Flight No : LH1431
Routing : LBSF-EDDF
Gate : Any
VA: NonStopVirtual


@AviatorAlex sign him up please!

@Kishore_Leo thanks so much for coming! Really appreciated by all of us.

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Thanks for reminding me, @AlphaSeven!

@IFC-CAPT-KISHOR, Thanks for taking part in the event! We truly appreciate it and hope to see you there!


Callsign: The Wolf
Flight number : 4466
Aircraft : A321-231 ( G-WUKL)
Route: LATI - EGGW
Gate: any
VA: Wizz Air Virtual


I signed you up. Thank you very much for participating!

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can there be more then 1 person flying from the same airport to the same airport? because i would like to fly from Belgrade airport to Doha but the spot is taken.

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First off, congrats on making the ATC schedule! This event is very well structured. Next I’ll like to reserve this gate at LYBE. Haven’t been to Belgrade in a while so I’m looking forward to it.
Callsign: Wizz Air 4261


Air Serbia London Heathrow Airbus A32 (generic)
small correction needed.

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Yeah, of course there can. Do you want to take that route?

@Lucas_Piedra Thank you! We all worked really hard to make this event happen.

@Lucas_Piedra @MJMN I signed you up. Thank you for participating, we truly appreciate it!

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bro can you remove my name i was telling that that gate has some error with aircraft number please correct it. I don’t want that gate.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. No problem!

Edit: I saw what you meant, thank you for pointing the small details out!

anytime mate. thanks.

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