(Finished) The Spring Balkan Fly-out! @LYBE, LBSF, LATI, LROP || 261000ZAPR20

The Spring Balkan Fly-out!

An event planned, made, and organized by @AlphaSeven, @F1PlayBG, @NeperQiell, @AviatorNikola, @BosnianAviation and @Alexian61. After several successful Balkan evens holder in the past by @AlphaSeven and others, our small but strong Balkan group decided to make this event. This is part one of several in our Balkan events series!

Important: This event is partnered with Wizz VA. There will be IFATC coverage for the event.

Event History

The Balkans are one of the most interesting places in the world. They have so many different types of cultures, religions, and traditions, however, they are all tied together from close relationships and unions. Being a Bulgarian and Balkan, my group, in our huge PM formed an event.

Me, a native Bulgarian; @AlphaSeven, a native Serbian @AviatorNikola, an ethnical Serbian; @Matevz_Treven, a native Slovenian; @NeperQiell, a native Albanian; @Alexian61, a native Romanian; and @BosnianAviation, a native Bosnian formed this large event consisting of some of our home countries: Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania. Some countries were unfortunately not included as the people would be too scattered around.

We hope that this large event will be able to transform how the people of IF see the Balkans, and uncover some of its beautiful secrets… In this event, we’ll be holding several airports from the main cities of the listed countries in the Balkans. You’ll be able to more than several events.

Important: This event is partnered with Wizz VA. There will be IFATC coverage for this event.


Server: Expert
Date and Time:2020-04-26T10:00:00Z2020-04-26T16:00:00Z

You may land at any of the featured airports within the given time frame. METAR’s will be published for each airport during the starting of the event
NOTAM: There will be IFATC is coverage for the event, please listen to ATC at all times and respect all other attendant’s flights and privacy. We are not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may gain during the times of the event.
Important: This event is partnered with Wizz VA.

LYBE - Belgrade Nikola Tesla International airport (Serbia)

Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport


Belgrade, the heart of the central balkans and the main city in Serbia, is one of the fastest and biggest expanding airports in Europe. Belgrade handled more than 6 million passengers in 2019, and is the hub for major carriers such as Wizz Air, and its local airline, Air Serbia. Belgrade features a 11,000 m long runway that can handle any aircraft, whether that be a 747 or an A320. Belgrade Airport gets several B747’s regularly mainly for charter and cargo services. Belgrade Airport has more than a 100 destinations, wether that be the US, Asia, Africa, or Europe.

Basic Facts:

Runway length: 11,155ft (3400M)
Number of airlines: 34
Operator: Vinci Airports

Air Serbia
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Air Serbia Amsterdam Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia Athens Airbus A320 (generic)
Air Serbia Banja Luka Dash 8 Q-400 (generic) @AviatorNikola
Air Serbia Barcelona Airbus A320 (generic)
Air Serbia Beirut Airbus A320 (generic) @JoeHaddad
Air Serbia Berlin - Tegel Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia Brussels Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia Copenhagen Airbus A320 (generic)
Air Serbia Düsseldorf Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia Frankfurt Airbus A320 (generic)
Air Serbia Zurich Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia London Heathrow Airbus A320 (generic)
Air Serbia New York JFK Airbus A330-300 (generic)
Air Serbia Rome Airbus A320 (generic)
Air Serbia Dubrovnik Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia Podgorica Dash 8 Q-400 (generic)
Air Serbia Sarajevo Dash 8 Q-400 (generic) @AmarKoric11
Air Serbia Tivat Dash 8 Q-400 (generic)
Air Serbia Tirana Dash 8 Q-400 (generic)
Air Serbia Ljubljana Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Serbia Washington KIAD Airbus A330 @dca.iad.aviation N111DC
Other airlines
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Aegean Athens Airbus A320
Aeroflot Moscow-Sheremetyevo Boeing B737-900
Air France Paris Charles de Gaulle Airbus A320 @Watt Air France 201
Alitalia Rome Fiumicino Airbus A321 @RileyBozina Alitalia 207
Al Masria Universal Airlines Hurghada Airbus A330-300 (generic)
Arkia Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Embraer E195 (generic)
Austrian Airlines Vienna Dash 8 Q-400
Belavia Minsk CRj-200
Croatia Airlines Split Dash 8 Q-400 @Captin_Fahey38
Easy Jet Berlin-Tegel Airbus A320
Easy Jet Basel/Mulhouse Airbus A319 @anon79257371
Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Airbus A321
Eurowings Stuttgart Airbus A319
FlyDubai Dubai Boeing 737-800
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest Embraer E170
Lufthansa Frankfurt Airbus A320 @MJP_27 NSV0404P
Lufthansa Munich CRj-900 @AlexF Lufthansa 189
Montenegro Airlines Podgorica Embraer E195
Montenegro Airlines Tivat Embraer E195
Norwegian Oslo Boeing B737-800
Norwegian Stockholme Arlanda B737-800
Pegasus Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen Boeing B737-800 (generic)
Qatar Airways Doha Airbus A321 @AlphaSeven @mrfresh @Johanny_Ndiaye @AlphaSeven: Qatari 232; @mrfresh: QRV358; @Johanny_Ndiaye:QRV778
SWISS Zurich Airbus A319 @Omar_Alqinneh OM-AR
Tarom Bucharest Airbus A318 @George,
Transavia Amsterdam Boeing B737-800
TunisAir Tunis Airbus A319
Turkish Airlines Istanbul Boeing B737-900 @Mar350 Turkish 1082
Vueling Barcelona Airbus A320
Calvi – Sainte-Catherine C750 @RT6907 RT6907
Comair London Heathrow @Ggurza Comair 475
Wizz Air
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Wizz Air Basel/Mulhouse Airbus A320
Wizz Air Dortmund Airbus A320
Wizz Air Eindhoven Airbus A321 @MartyVonAussig WZZVA078
Wizz Air Gothenburg Airbus A321
Wizz Air Hannover Airbus A320
Wizz Air Larnaca Airbus A321 @Lucas_Piedra Wizzair 4261
Wizz Air London-Luton Airbus A321 @TransportForLife, @Bradgibbs01 Wizzair 4001
Wizz Air Malmö Airbus A320
Wizz Air Malta Airbus A321
Wizz Air Memmingen Airbus A321

Made by @AlphaSeven

LBSF - Sofia International Airport (Bulgaria)

Sofia International Airport

Sofia Airport 3 Sofia Airport 2
Sofia Airport

Sofia is my home airport and I would really like to have a big event at it. It is situated in a lowland surrounded by mountains, allowing for some breathtaking views when taking off or landing. When departing to the west or north, you can see the city of Sofia, as well as the Vitosha mountain south of the airport. More details about the airport can be found below.

A little more information about Sofia Airport. It is situated east of the capital of Bulgaria. It has quite a few airlines flying to and from it, but unfortunately, not all of these have been added to Infinite Flight. The airport is not that big, it has only one runway, but it is a nice airport to fly to and from. It is the 3rd busiest airport in the Balkans (According to Wikipedia, Bucharest and Istanbul are not part of the list), following Heraklion. It has had just above 7 million passengers in 2019. Sofia’s airport also welcomes general aviation, military, and cargo aircraft.

The airport has 17 airlines operating. It has over 11000ft of runway, allowing big planes to operate. Boeing 747s are regularly landing here for cargo purposes.

Quick facts about Sofia Airport
  • The biggest aircraft that lands there is the Boeing 777-200ER. It flies once weekly from and to Tel Aviv with El Al
  • The busiest route is Sofia to Vienna (LBSF-LOWW). There are 31 flights per week, but some of them are with airlines which have not yet been added to Infinite Flight.
  • The airline with the most destinations is Wizzair. They fly to 35 destinations, but only 29 destinations are listed below, that is all I could find in Flightradar. The remaining 6 destinations are served in other seasons.
  • The furthest direct flight from Sofia is to Dubai. It is being served by Wizzair and FlyDubai.
  • Believe it or not, the biggest Lufthansa Technik in Europe is at Sofia Airport.
The Airlines

Airlines flying in and out of this airport can be seen in the list below, as well as the routes of each, the aircraft used and the flight numbers (preferred callsign). Do note that only existing in IF airlines will be added. Airlines like Bulgaria Air or Air Serbia will unfortunately not be added in the list.

Airline Destination Aircraft Callsign Pilot
Aegean Athens LGAV Airbus A320 Aegean 983
Aeroflot Moscow Sheremetyevo UUEE Airbus A320 Aeroflot 2061
Alitalia Rome Fiumicino LIRF Airbus A320 Alitalia 521
Austrian Vienna LOWW Airbus A321 Austrian 798 @Lor3nzoJr
British Airways London Heathrow EGLL Airbus A320 Speedbird 891 @saad375
EasyJet Bristol EGGD Airbus A320 Easy 6281
EasyJet London Gatwick EGKK Airbus A320/Airbus A319 Easy 8974
EasyJet London Southend EGMC Airbus A320 Easy 7352
EasyJet Manchester EGCC Airbus A320 Easy 1932
EasyJet Edinburgh EGPH Airbus A319 Easy 6986
El Al Tel Aviv LLBG Boeing 737-800/Boeing 777-200ER El Al 552 @CaptainZac
Eurowings Dusseldorf EDDL Airbus A319 Eurowings 9913
Eurowings Stuttgart EDDS Airbus A320 Eurowings 2499
FlyDubai Dubai OMDB Boeing 737-800 Sky Dubai 1758
LOT Warsaw EPWA Embraer E175 LOT 632
Lufthansa Frankfurt EDDF Airbus A320 Lufthansa 1431 @IFC-CAPT-KISHOR
Lufthansa Munich EDDM Airbus A320 Lufthansa 1703 @cptlogue
Qatar Hamad Intl OTHH Airbus A321 Qatari 228
Ryanair Milan Bergamo LIME Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 8021 @Bld003
Ryanair London Stansted EGSS Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 9968
Ryanair Treviso LIPH Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6427
Ryanair Madrid LEMD Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6409
Ryanair Berlin Schoenefeld EDDB Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 1595
Ryanair Paris Beauvais LFOB Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6793
Ryanair Brussels South Charleroi EBCI Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6351
Ryanair Athens LGAV Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6300
Ryanair Liverpool EGGP Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6337
Ryanair Dublin EIDW Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6015
Ryanair Vienna LOWW Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 183
Ryanair Eindhoven EHEH Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6013
Ryanair East Midlands EGNX Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 1297
Ryanair Bristol EGGD Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6059
Ryanair Birmingham EGBB Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6335
Ryanair Hamburg EDDH Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6405
Ryanair Barcelona LEBL Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6329
Ryanair Tel Aviv LLBG Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 2825
Ryanair Rome Ciampino LIRA Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6308
Ryanair Marseille LFML Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 1851
Ryanair Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden EDSB Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6117
Ryanair Aqaba OJAQ Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 1896
Ryanair Kyiv UKKK Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 9233
Ryanair Cologne EDDK Boeing 737-800 Ryanair 6303
Transavia Amsterdam EHAM Boeing 737-800 Transavia 5740
Turkish Airlines Istnabul LTFM Boeing 737-900/Airbus A321 Turkish 1029 @Almiost
Wizzair Malta LMML Airbus A320 Wizzair 4365
Wizzair Valencia LEVC Airbus A321 Wizzair 4409
Wizzair Catania LICC Airbus A321 Wizzair 4375
Wizzair Milan Bergamo LIME Airbus A321 Wizzair 4351
Wizzair Dortmund EDLW Airbus A320 WIzzair 4331
Wizzair Brussels South Charleroi EBCI Airbus A321 Wizzair 4327
Wizzair Tel Aviv LLBG Airbus A320 Wizzair 4427
Wizzair London Luton EGGW Airbus A320/Airbus A321 Wizzair 4301 @Blue_Eyes
Wizzair Bari LIBG Airbus A320 WIzziar 4361
Wizzair Frankfurt EDDF Airbus A321 Wizziar 4329
Wizzair Paris Beauvais LFOB Airbus A321 Wizzair 4321
Wizzair Eindhoven EHEH Airbus A320 Wizzair 4325
Wizzair Copenhagen EKCH Airbus A320 Wizzair 4377
Wizzair Bratislava LZIB Airbus A321 Wizzair 4341
Wizzair Madird LEMD Airbus A320 Wizzair 4401
Wizzair Barcelona LEBL Airbus A321 Wizzair 4405
Wizzair Malaga LEMG Airbus A321 Wizzair 4411
Wizzair Dubai OMDW Airbus A321 Wizzair 4429
Wizzair Munich Memingen EDJA Airbus A321 Wizzair 4339
Wizzair Budapest LHBP Airbus A320 Wizzair 2471
Wizzair Eilat LLET Airbus A320 Wizzair 4435
Wizzair Nice LFMN Airbus A321 Wizzair 4415
Wizzair Nurnberg EDDN Airbus A320 Wizziar 4343
Wizzair Bologna LIPE Airbus A320 Wizzair 4363
Wizzair Naples LIRN Airbus A320 Wizzair 4369
Wizzair Larnaca LCLK Airbus A320 Wizzair 4437
Wizzair Geneva LSGG Airbus A320 Wizzair 4319
Tokyo Narita RJAA Boeing 777-200F @BadPlane
Chishinau LUKK DC-10F @Aceorbit

There are some more airlines, like Jet2, Norwegian Air UK and DHL, which do operate at Sofia Airport, but their flight are not regularly scheduled, so it was unfortunately not possible for me to get the flight numbers or these. However, they are welcome, of course.

Apron and Gates

Below, you will find two charts and six images from IF of the gates and a list of airlines that use each gate.


Remote Apron, Cargo and GA.

Gates, Lufthansa Technik and Remote Stands (Terminal 2)

IF Images

Whole Airport

Remote 17-28

Cargo Apron


GA Apron

Military Apron

Gates 1-9

Remote 11-16, Lufthansa Technik Apron, Gate 10

Gates 1-10: Aegean, Aeroflot, Alitalia, Austrain, British Airways, El Al, LOT, Lufthansa, Qatar, Turkish Airlines
Remote 12-16: Ryanair, Transavia, Eurowings, FlyDubai,
Remote 17-23: EasyJet
Remote 20-28: Wizzair
Remote 29-34A: Cargo
GA 35-44: General Aviation
Mil 11-1: Military Aircraft

Gates 12A-16A are used for parking of aircraft going through maintenance at Lufthansa Technik.

Gates 29-34A are used for cargo aircraft, as well as long-term parking of aircraft which will not be used in the near future, or at all.

Made by @F1PlayBG

LATI – Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza (Albania)



Tirana International Airport, is currently the only operational airport in the beautiful country of Albania. That makes it the only air entry point of the country. The airport, which has grew exponentially during the last years, handled more than 3 million passengers in 2019. Despite the fact that it is a relatively small airport, there is a plethora of airlines for you to choose. But let’s not forget the magnificent scenery offered to you on departure or landing, which makes it a very attractive airport for flight simmers.

Basic Facts:


Runway length: 9,022 ft (2,750M)

Number of airlines: 22

Operator: China Everbright Limited

Routes Air Albania
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Air Albania Bergamo Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Albania Bologna Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Air Albania Istanbul Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Albania Milan-MXP Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Air Albania Pisa Airbus A319 (generic)
Air Albania Rome-FCO Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Air Albania Verona Airbus A319 (generic) @AliAlex
Routes Albawings
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Albawings Bari Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Dusseldorf Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Florence Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Frankfurt Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Hamburg Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings London-STN Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Perugia Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Pisa Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Rimini Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Albawings Venice Boeing 737-700 (generic)
Routes Blue Panorama Airlines
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Blue Panorama Airlines Ancona Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Bergamo Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Bologna Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Genoa Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Milan-MXP Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Rome-FCO Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Turin Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Blue Panorama Airlines Verona Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Routes Wizz Air
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Wizz Air Bergamo Airbus A320 @JackoLewis58 WZZ004
Wizz Air Budapest Airbus A320 @Charlieab29
Wizz Air Dortmund Airbus A320
Wizz Air London-LTN Airbus A321 @Charlieab29, @Jeno_Farkas @Jeno_Farkas - The Wolf
Wizz Air Pisa Airbus A320
Wizz Air Memmingen Airbus A320 @Aviation-21
Wizz Air Vienna Airbus A321
Routes Other airlines
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Aegean Airlines Athens Airbus A320
Air Serbia Belgrade Airbus A319 (generic)
Alitalia Rome-FCO Airbus A321
Austrian Airlines Vienna Airbus A321
British Airways London-LGW Airbus A320 @anon52720224 BAVA267
easyJet Milan-MXP Airbus A320 @MissRosa
easyJet Switzerland Geneva Airbus A319 @NeperQiell Top Swiss 45NE
Edelweiss Air Zurich Airbus A320 (generic)
Eurowings Cologne Airbus A319/A320
Eurowings Dusseldorf Airbus A319/A320
Eurowings Stuttgart Airbus A319/A320
Lufthansa Frankfurt CRJ-900
Norwegian Copenhagen Boeing 737-800
Norwegian Oslo-OSL Boeing 737-800
Pegasus Airlines Istanbul-SAW Airbus A320 (generic)
Smartwings Prague Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Transavia France Paris-ORY Boeing 737-800 @Alboss TO4299
TUI fly Belgium Brussels Boeing 737-800

Made by @NeperQiell

LROP - Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (Romania)



Bucharest, the most populated city in the Balkans, has one of the biggest airports airports in South Eastern Europe. Bucharest handled more than 14 million passengers in 2019, and is the hub for major carriers such as Wizz Air, and its local airlines, Blue Air and TAROM. Bucharest features two 11,000 ft long runways that can handle the 747. Henri Coandă Airport has more than 70 destinations, wether that be Canada, Asia, Africa, or Europe.

Basic Facts:

Runways length: 11,484ft (3500M)
Number of airlines: 38
Operator: Bucharest Airports

Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
TAROM Amsterdam EHAM Boeing 737-800 (generic)
TAROM Athens LGAV Boeing 737-700 (generic)
TAROM Cluj Napoca LRCL Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Barcelona LEBL Boeing 737-700 (generic)
TAROM Beirut OLBA Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Munich EDDM Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Brussels EBBR Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Larnaca LCLK Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Budapest LHBP Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Frankfurt EDDF Boeing 737-700 (generic)
TAROM Rome LIRF Boeing 737-700 (generic)
TAROM London Heathrow EGLL Airbus A318 (TAROM) @Alexian61
TAROM Madrid LEMD Boeing 737-800 (generic)
TAROM Timisoara LRTR Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Prague LKPR Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Sofia LBSF Airbus A318 (TAROM) @Infinite_Pro
TAROM Belgrade LYBE Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Sibiu LRSB Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Istanbul LTFM Airbus A318 (TAROM)
TAROM Lyon LFLL Airbus A318 (TAROM)
Other airlines
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee Callsign
Aegean Athens LGAV Airbus A320
Aeroflot Moscow-Sheremetyevo UUEE Boeing B737-900
Air France Paris Charles de Gaulle LFPG Airbus A320
Air Canada Rouge Toronto CYYZ Boeing 767-300 (generic) @preston
Corendon Airlines Hurghada HEGN Boeing 737-800 (generic)
El Al Tel Aviv Ben Gurion LLBG Boeing 737-800
Austrian Airlines Vienna LOWW Airbus A321
British Airways London Heathrow EGLL Airbus A320 @MSP_Spotter, @Luke_Sta @MSP_Spotter - AIVA069
Czech Airlines Prague LKPR Airbus A319 (generic)
Croatia Airlines Zagreb LDZA Dash 8 Q-400
Turkish Airlines Istanbul LTFM Airbus A321
Ryanair Berlin-Schonefold EDDB Boeing 737-800
Ryanair Dublin EIDW Boeing 737-800
Eurowings Dusseldorf EDDF Airbus A320
Eurowings Stuttgart EDDS Airbus A319
FlyDubai Dubai OMDB Boeing 737-800
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw EPWA Embraer E170
Lufthansa Frankfurt EDDF Airbus A320 @Eugene_Leybovich
Lufthansa Munich EDDM Airbus A319
Air Serbia Belgrade LYBE Airbus A319 (generic)
Ryanair Marseille LFML Boeing 737-800
Blue Air Oslo ENGM Boeing B737-800 (generic)
Blue Air Stockholme Arlanda ESSA B737-800 (generic)
Pegasus Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen LTFJ Boeing B737-800 (generic)
Qatar Airways Doha OTHH Airbus A321
SWISS Zurich LSZH Airbus A319 @MJMN
Blue Air Helsinki EFHK Boeing 737-800 (generic)
KLM Amsterdam EHAM Boeing B737-900
Blue Air Antalya LTAI Boeing 737-800 (generic)
Turkish Airlines Istanbul LTFM Boeing B737-900
Vueling Barcelona LEBL Airbus A320
Adria Airways Ljubljana LJLJ CRJ700
Wizz Air
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
Wizz Air Basel/Mulhouse LFSB Airbus A321
Wizz Air Dortmund EDLW Airbus A320
Wizz Air Eindhoven EHEH Airbus A320
Wizz Air Gothenburg ESGG Airbus A321
Wizz Air Hannover EDDV Airbus A320
Wizz Air Dubai Al Maktoum OMDW Airbus A320
Wizz Air London-Luton EGGW Airbus A321
Wizz Air Paris Beauvais LFOB Airbus A321
Wizz Air Malta LMML Airbus A321
Wizz Air Bruxelles Charleroi EBCI Airbus A321
Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
Air Bridge Cargo Baku UBBB Boeing B747-8 @QVGVxnsh58
DHL Chisinau LUKK Boeing B757-200
West Atlantic UK Sofia LBSF Boeing 737-800 (generic)



Destination | Aircraft | Attendee
|-| Cessna 172||
|-| Cessna 208||
|Innsbruck LOWI | Cessna Citation X||
|-| TBM-930||
|-| XCub||

Below you can see a map of LROP made by the IFAET


Made by @Alexian61

We would all really appreciate it if you take part in the event, a lot of work went in by all of us.

If you would like to come please reply with the airport, the route, the aircraft, callisign and the livery you would like to use and we will happily assign you a gate. Happy flying!


We hope you guys participate in the event as it took a lot of time to make! Almost 3 weeks!

Speaking of which, I’ll be taking:

Departure: 2020-04-26T10:00:00Z

Thanks ;)

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Which airport, Sofia?

Belgrade LYBE please! @AviatorAlex Callsign: QR232

Thanks for the event! We need more people around the Balkans!

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Alright, I’ll sign you up! Thank you for participating in our own event!

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Can I take British Airways at LROP
At 1500zulu

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Lovely, i ll get easyJet from LATI to Geneva.
Departing 2020-04-26T14:00:00Z
Callsign: EZS45NE @AviatorAlex

Alright, can you tell me what your callsign will be? @AlphaSeven, can you tell me your callsign too, please?

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@AlphaSeven We did a lot of hard work and it’s a success! You know where I’ll be heading Air Serbia to Banja Luka!


Oh, don’t you jinx us :D!

Can you tell me what your callsign will be?

I will take this one
callsign: TAROM 391

Can I take Air Serbia from Belgrade to Sarajevo, departure time 2020-04-26T14:00:00Z

@Alexian61, @AmarKoric11, @AlphaSeven, @NeperQiell, @MSP_Spotter I added you guys to the list! Thank you for participating in the event!


I’m looking forward to the event! Thanks for signing me up!

I also wanted to say that this is only part 1 of this series. Next event we’ll have other airports in the balkans, hence why we only have 4 this time.

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Wish I could come but I’m already booked

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Thanks a lot, looking forward to it!

Oh, that’s alright. Hopefully you can join us next time!

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I will take this one please!