[FINISHED] The Providence Flyout @ KPVD - 091730ZAUG18

Would y’all get pissed if I did a bit of pattern work before the event started

Now what really gets on my nerves is when the runway changes when ur about to land on it >:(

There’s no gate 13…

I am spawning in in 5 minutes

Hey there, I’ll be doing the ATC for the event, do what I’ll tell do to do. Thanks for the cooperation.


  • Departing Runways: 23
  • Landing Runways: 34 and 23
  • No intersection Departures
  • Transmit important messages
  • Realism at all times

I’ll do my best, Have fun y’all

Just a little reminder for everyone to behave for this event. Just want to make sure everyone understands the rules ;)

Because people hate being realistic

I just realized, there are some Norwegian gates

Norwegian 737 are supposed to be at gates 07-09

Whoever is Lufthansa 546, please leave the server now.

Also, i’m still going to be about 20 mins late :(

Can someone kick Lufthansa 546? He is spawned on the cargo ramp in an F16

Lol I don’t believe there is a way to kick someone.

i will report him for you

Welcome to TS, what do we expect!


Why is someone else controlling tower and ground??? I was supposed to @Pinecone

I am meant to be ATC not you. I already asked @Pinecone before you…

Oh forgot, NO PATTERN WORK ALLOWED. Straight departures only

Negative. They do not.

@Sebastian9915 ATC was already spoken for. Why are you controlling?