[FINISHED] The Providence Flyout @ KPVD - 091730ZAUG18

The Providence Flyout

Big Shoutout to @Balloonchaser for helping me make my FIRST Event!


Event Details

Server - Training Server

Departure Time - 1730Z - Invalid date
@ T. F. Green [Providence] Airport - KPVD


1.) Spawn in 10 Minutes before the start time for this event
2.) Please don’t show up to this event with intents to troll
3.) Listen to all instructions given
4.) Listen to the ATC

Gate Assignments

Commercial Gates

Commercial Gates (23 Gates)
Gate Pilot Airline Aircraft Destination
Gate 01A @Dylan_M Frontier Airlines A320 KMCO
Gate 01 @QFA_12 Frontier Airlines A321 KMYR
Gate 02 @SkysTheLimit87 Air Canada CRJ200 CYYZ
Gate 03 @Tucker_Ryan American Airlines CRJ200 KORD
Gate 04 @noa3hh American Airlines CRJ200 KDCA
Gate 05 @Williamo26 American Airlines A320 KPHL
Gate 06 @Gamer7603 American Airlines A321 KCLT
Gate 07 @Latvia Norwegian Airlines B738 TFFF
Gate 08 @PilotCorey Norwegian Airlines B738 EIDW
Gate 09 @maeyo Norwegian Airlines B738 EGPH
Gate 10 @TenMileJones United Airlines CRJ700 KORD
Gate 11 @Pinecone United Airlines E170 KEWR
Gate 12 @Lorne_V_Littlejohn JetBlue Airlines A320 KFLL
Gate 13 @IanD Allegiant Airlines A320 KPGD
Gate 14 @Nightt Allegiant Airlines A320 KPIE
Gate 15 @Jeremy_H Southwest Airlines B737 KDCA
Gate 16 @Playr_Mar Delta Airlines B712 KATL
Gate 17 @DinhanhGamer Southwest Airlines B738 KMDW
Gate 18 @Maxxus1 Delta Airlines CRJ900 KDTW
Gate 19 @Plane-Train-TV Southwest Airlines B737 KBWI
Gate 20 @anon42527263 Frontier Airlines A320 KTPA
Gate 21 @Gavin_cx Southwest Airlines B738 KMCO
Gate 22 @hi15td Frontier Airlines A320 KDEN

Cargo Stands

Cargo Stands (8 Stands)
Ramp Pilot Airline Aircraft Destination
FedEx Express 01 @Daniel_Cerritos FedEx MD-11F KMEM
FedEx Feeder 01 FedEx C208 KEWR
FedEx Feeder 02 @xtcride1974 FedEx C208 KMVY
FedEx Feeder 03 @antjam72 FedEx C208 KACK
Transient Ramp 01 @Speedbird_BA DHL B752 KCVG
Transient Ramp 02 @DaYooper UPS B752 KPHL
Transient Ramp 03 @AllegiantAir UPS B752 KPHL
UPS 01 @Aceorbit UPS MD-11F KSDF

General Avaition Stands

General Aviation Stands (12 Stands)
Ramp Pilot Aircraft Destination
NE Ramp 01 C208
NE Ramp 02 C208
NE Ramp 03 C208
NE Ramp 04 C208
NW Ramp 01 C172
NW Ramp 02 SR22
NW Ramp 03 C172
NW Ramp 04 @MathAviation7 SR22 KHFD
NW Ramp 05 @rubinedan C172 KMVY
Northstar Aviation 01 @AgusAeromexico C750 @KPHL
Northstar Aviation 02 @BostonStrongWill C750 @MMMX
Hangar @2003iggy C750

How to Request for a Gate

Dont Miss Out On This Great Event!


Gate 19 WN1719 please

Gate 19 it is! Thanks

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Gate 15 please. WN1613.

Ok dude! Your in! Gate 15

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What time zone is 1:30 pm in?

Eastern time, my dude

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Ok that is my time zone

Any specific destinations or planes?

Look at the first post

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No, it stands for General Aviation.

Aka small prop planes

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O ok I may not buy another pro sub for a week I may be able to participate, unfortunately I probably wont

It’s ok, I understand

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This is the second event I can’t participate in

Everyone, the date has been moved to the 9th.

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Great, gate 18 is yours!

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Didn’t an A340-300 land here once?

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Gate: Hangar
Callsign: Z-IGGY
Destination: (CYYZ)
Group Affiliate: (Infinite Flight General Aviation Club)

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Your in! Thanks! Hangar

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