Finished! The most dangerous airport? @HI23 121645ZJAN19

  • Aircraft and Livery:Cessna 208 Caravan, private 1

  • Route: PHTO-CEKOB-HI23

  • Time of Departure: 1645Z

  • Server:Training

  • **Additional Information:**Mountain View Airstrip is a very small airport(runway shorter than Saba). At first we fly from Hilo to Mountainview Airstrip. When all had landed, wait for a group picture! After that you can fly some traffic patterns.
    We have no ATC. It would be nice if somebody could be ATC!

Please not troll with bigger aircrafts!

If somebody wants to watch my landing, im at HI32

Screenshot_20190112-170615 Screenshot_20190112-170548 Screenshot_20190112-165856 Screenshot_20190112-164836

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