[FINISHED] The London Luton Fly-Out

I’m hyped for tomorrow!

That’s more realistic 👍👍👍🔥

Same ngl ( 10 characters)

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@MANDELA a treat especially for you! I’ll livestream this event on my youtube channel!:)

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Where u flying to ???

Haven’t decided yet probs Jersey, Amsterdam, Glasgow or Edinburgh

That’s nice

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A319 just wondering lol

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At the very most will be.

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Will tower be online at abbot 10am cuz I am out between 4-5

Is this event all day?

@VortexVolt time shown here:)

Okay got it

Is there any 1h and 30min flights I can do since I am attending doing another event later at 3pm?

You’ll find that Madrid is about 1.5 hours from Luton.

What airline and aircraft?

You know I wish I could come. Good luck, everyone. To Luton And one day, Can you guys do it on the casual server?

Who’s excited?!?!?!

USA government en route from lax on this mega realistic 737 flight

I’ll be doing WUK3262 from LTN-ATH!

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