[Finished] The Great Barrier Flash @ YBHM - 020500ZJUL2018

Server: Training Server

Airport: YBHM

Time: 0500Z 02/July

NOTAM: YBHM (Hamilton I.) is a very narrow airport, please form a line and prevent cutting in others!

Hi community!
Winter is covering the southern earth. But we need to have a holiday with summer beaches! Come and form a small sightseeing group (5 people XD) to the Great Barrier Reef, from Hamilton Island to Cairns for an hour, and get the whole sight of the reefs!

Gate 01: Jimmily A320 Qantaslink
Gate 03: Captainmalik B737-800 Qantas
Gate 04: Stmaarten1778 CRJ700 Generic
Gate 05: LibertyAviation A320 Qantaslink
Gate 07: Alex_Lopresti
GA Apron 21: Ignas04 Cessna Citation X
Departure time:
0500 Zulu
1500 Eastern Australia
Aircraft: Any narrow-body jet airliners (No larger than B757/A321) Australian liveries are recommended.
Climbing Info: 2500fpm/240kts
Cruise Info: FL240/300kts
Decent Info: MAX -1600fpm

I am happy that you can upload your favourite event photos in this topic and share with us! The most important is… Have a great flight!

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Count me in! Gate 03 please.

Thanks for attending!

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Question - how long is the event?

Ehhh please decide which aircraft would you fly :)

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Okay, can I fly the Cessna Citation X?

One hour and 15 minutes I think.

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Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing you at the gate :P

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Can I go to this in a generic CRJ700

Yes, make sure you know your gate and, enjoy!

can i get a gate pls??

i am going to be a boeing 737 QANTAS
callsign: QANTAS 11

Count me in gate 07 Thanks

Add me any gate with a a320 maybe ??call sign Qantas7

Ok, @Alex_Lopresti @LibertyAviation @captainmalik you all have a gate, I will open an extra GA gate to fill our team. Now the event is full, I hope you can enjoy this flight! :)

@Ignas04 Sorry I move you to the GA gate 21, make sure you are the correct position :)

Ah that’s no problem. Lets just hope I won’t oversleep it.

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And this is what the gates looks like 😂

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Aw it’s too much Little

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Ladies and gentlemen, we gonna have start our event the next hour. I hope you can appear at the airport at 0450Z, and copy my flight plan. I’ll be the first departure at 0500Z, and the others should take off quickly! You can upload your favorite event picture in this topic or [Best Infinite Flight Photos]. Please enjoy the view of the Great Barrier Reef and this meaningful flight! 😘