Finished! Thanks for everybody that came!

Thanks you to everybody that came to

The Great United Kingdom Fly Out!

My next event


Sorry but I have school then

@FLIGHT2 Can I have a gate for EGLL-LEMD In an Iberia a321?

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Hey @FLIGHT2! I would love to be here, but I can’t make the time. Is it possible to scoot the time back by one hour, because I should be able to make it then.

sorry @andyyy I cant move it back :(

@EVO_G-vlogs_200 You are in!

Wait, am I getting the time wrong? Has it already passed?

No today is july 31
the time is August 31

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Yooooo I’m blind as heck. Is it alright if I arrive a bit later? Around 20:00Z

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I will see if i can

No, you don’t have to. Can I arrive at around 20:00Z instead of 19:00Z

I hope i get many ppl to sign up
so by 2000Z the airport should still have some traffic :)

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Great! I’ll take EGLL- EHAM in the KLM 737

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Sounds Great!

Thanks For Signing Up!

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Alright then, maybe next time!

Am I able to change to EGLL-EIDW?

yup! will change it
it is going to be really short tho

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True. Ok keep me with iberia

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I changed it back

Ill also tell my friend about this

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