(Finished, thanks everyone!) The Duel In The Middle East || @OTHH & OMDB Fly-out! 301000ZAPR203

The Duel In The Middle East

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Welcome to my last event of my subscription! Today we take a look at the 2 most talked about airlines, and rivals; Qatar Airways and Emirates. The Middle East is a Region with so many rising, and world-leading airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, GulfAir, and many more. For this event I wanted to feature two huge airlines, and have their respected hubs featured for truly, a vast array of flights you could literally read on till’ the next day.

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airports: OTHH (Hamad Intl.) & OMDB (Dubai Intl)
Time: 2020-04-30T10:00:00Z --> 2020-04-30T18:00:00Z

NOTAM: In the event that IFATC is present at the event, please follow all instructions and act professionally at all times throughout the event. Neither me, nor any of the associated VA’s are responsible for any violations/ghostings you main gain. Realistic procedures will be used.


About Doha Hamad Intl.

Doha Hamad Airport is Qatar’s only international airport. It was opened in 2014 after the decision for a new International airport was made. Doha’s previous airport, Doha International airport, has now been turned into a storage facility and for private use. Hamad airport is the Hub for the worlds’ best airline Qatar Airways, and serves as a stopover when flying from one part of the world to another. Doha Hamad features one large terminal which consists of several concourses; concourse A, B, C, D, and E.

Basic Facts:

Runway length(s): 16R/34L: 13,944ft // 16L/34R: 15,912ft
Hub for: Qatar Airways, Qatar Airways Cargo, Qatar Executive
Elevation: 13ft
Rated: Worlds’ second best airport

Concourse A
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
A01 Lisbon Boeing B777-300 @Lufthansa2
A03 Malé Airbus A350-900 @ILOVE7879-2.0, Lawin_Goran_Nadir_Sa IFUAE
A04 Kuwait City Airbus A319 @Omar_Alqinneh OM-AR.
A05 Manchester Boeing B787-8 @Murilo_Heindrich, Ethan_Quinn
A06 Paris Airbus A380 @danVenezuela
A07 Frankfurt Boeing B777-300 @Captin_Fahey38 QR761
A09 Perth Airbus A380 @anon58461922 QRV001
A10 Johannesburg Airbus A350-900 @Raoul_Butler, @Ashh_ZA, QR1363
A11 Kuala Lumpur Airbus A350-900 @KailasSrinivasan, BAVA337
Concourse B
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
B01 Geneva Airbus A350-900 @captainlunardo QR911
B02 Muscat Airbus A321 InfinitePilot1 Qatari 677
B03 Tokyo Haneda Airbus A350-900 @RileyBozina, @QVGVxnsh58 Qatar 207, Qantas 279
B04 Bangkok Boeing B777-300 @NationofAviation QRV 027
B05 Cardiff Boeing B787-8 @Sethjacob88 Qatari 323
B06 Hong Kong Boeing B777-300 @If.England IFENG
B07 Auckland Boeing B777-200LR @Abel_Kocsis, MKhky30, vinoalviano QRV002, QRV320
B08 Manila Boeing B777-300 @Michael_Anderson
B09 Singapore Airbus A350-900 @Pingu
B10 Istanbul Boeing B787-8 Jack_wheeler21
Concourse C
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
C01 London Heathrow Airbus A350-900/Airbus A380 @Pilotcamcam, @saad375, @li7ing Qatari 693, Qatari 11, AAVA824
C02 Munich Boeing B777-300 @Bibaho Bibaho
C03 Zagreb Airbus A321 EdqaarJoeel
C04 Belgrade Airbus A321 BoeingA320
C05 Brussels Boeing B777-300 mperegrine
C06 Rome Boeing B777-300 @RitzRegis
C07 Barcelona Airbus A340
C08 Helsinki Airbus A350-900 @TransportForLife, Charlie_009 Qatari 301, Qatari 301
C09 Vienna Airbus A350-900 @Gabry Qatari 409
C10 Budapest Airbus A330-300 generic
C11 Copenhagen Boeing B777-300 Willy_Simmons Qatari 163
C12 Athens Boeing B787-8 @NeperQiell, @AviatorAlex, @BravoCharlie, @Lor3nzoJr, @mrFresh QTR2BQ, Qatari 203, Qatari 001, QRV358
C13 Zurich Airbus A350-900 @SunDown, vexzty SunDown, Qatari 95
Concourse D
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
D01 New York Airbus A350-900 @RomeoStuff24 Qatari 703
D02 Miami Airbus A350-900 @AviatorNikola, PrzemekGancarz RV701, QRV208
D03 Montreal Boeing B777-300 @Abdulaziz AZ1Z
D04 Osaka Airbus A350-900 @KindaTartySliceOfPie Qatari 1
D05 Beirut Boeing B787-8 Wisco12Super Qatari 12
D06 Guangzhou Boeing B777-300 PedroG QTR874 Heavy
D07 Nairobi Airbus A350-900 @Robby, @Marcello_Jr, bc3010 Qatari 1341, Qatari 946, Qatari 1345
D09 Arbil Airbus A319 Tep_NEMO N27NO
D10 Baku Airbus A321 Frankfurt05 IFGRMNY
D11 Tehran Boeing B777-300 @RT6907 RT6907
D12 Edinburg Airbus A350-900 @BlairP24 Qatar 31
D13 Sydney Airbus A350-900 @Alexander_Pehrman, Oliver_Exton QRV18, Qatari 3457 Heavy
D14 Karachi AIrbus A350-900 ToasterStroodie Qatari 610
D15 Moscow Boeing B777-300 Isacc_Paddy Qatari 234 Heavy
D16 Bucharest Airbus A321 @Alexian61 Qatari 219
D17 Sao Paolo Boeing B777-300 @farhatsyah_zamri, @claytonbrasil700, @Gabriel_Gava QRV787, Qatar 700 Heavy
D19 St. Petersburg Airbus A321 egeefesa350 QRV316
Concourse E
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
E01 Dallas Airbus A350-900 @Ramzi_Khairan, Pertonics QRV010, QRV195
E02 Chicago Boeing B777-300 @DhruvChopra, @chicho, @siddhansh QRV136, Qatari 725, QRV280
E03 Houston Airbus A350-900 @DittoAbraham350 Qatari 713
E04 Amman Airbus A350-900 @George Qatari 402
E05 Baghdad Airbus A319
E06 Madrid Boeing B787-8 @Mar350, @captARK Qatari 149, Qatari 151
E07 Amsterdam Boeing B777-300 JornGroen
E08 Melbourne Boeing B777-300 @Flying-infinite Qatari 904
E09 Oslo Boeing B787-8 DARKY
E10 Delhi Airbus A330-300 generic @kk.aviation QR606.
E11 Berlin Airbus A350-900 @MrFresh, Johanny_Ndiaye QRV778
E12 Shanghai Boeing B777-300 Delta23 QR 8960
E13 Prague Airbus A321 CrazyMinecart12 A7-ADS
E14 Sofia Airbus A321
E15 Entebbe Boeing B787-8 @Lucas_Piedra Qatari 1387
E16 Seychelles Airbus A330-300
E17 Dublin Boeing B787-8 Qatarifan1 Qatari6565
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
F01 Liege Airbus A330-200F
F02 Hong Kong Boeing B747-8F nscates08 Cargolux 361 Heavy
F03 Bucharest Boeing B777F Fish Qatari Cargo 6253 Heavy
F04 Boston Boeing B777F
F05 Shanghai Boeing B777F @Captain_JR, Di_Hu QR8960
F06 Oslo Airbus A330-200F
Qatar Amiri Flight
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
V05 Catania (LICJ) BBJ B747-8 @AliAlex
V04 Kuwait BBJ B747-8 @GameBoy_KIRB K-1RB7
V03 Mumbai BBJ B747-8 @Sierra_Golf Qatari 003

About Dubai Intl. Airport


Dubai International Airport is UAE’s busiest airport. It was first opened in 1960 under the name of Dubai Airport. Dubai Intl. Airport is the Hub for one of the worlds’ best airline Emirates and serves as a stopover when flying from one part of the world to another. Dubai is the busiest airport in the world in terms of A380 and B777 traffic, due to their extensive fleet of these aircraft. Dubai features several large terminals which consists of several concourses; concourse A, B, C, and D.

Basic Facts:

Runway length(s): 12L/30R: 13,123ft // 12R/30L: 13,123ft
Hub for: Emirates, Emirates SkyCargo, FlyDubai, FedEx Express
Elevation: 13ft
Rated: Worlds’ 24th best airport

Concourse A
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
A01 Muscat Airbus A380 @Mohammad_Zarooni ek790
A02 Mumbai Airbus A380 @MJMN @Deval_Surana Emirates 69, Emirates 007
A03 Hyderabad Boeing B777-300 @harish_P_Selkey HS1217
A04 Delhi Boeing B777-300 @BlueKingGaming, @ran Emirates 510
A05 Singapore Airbus A380
A06 Kuala Lumpur Boeing B777-300 LordHkM
A07 Jakarta Boeing B777-300 Muhammad_Fachry EK356
A08 Brussels Boeing B777-300 @testFLight009 Emirates 184
A09 Hong Kong Airbus A380
A10 Bangkok AIrbus A380
D01 Kuwait City Boeing B777-300 @Udeme_Ekpo Emirates 855
D02 Beirut Boeing B777-300 @Joehaddad Emirates 955
D03 Dublin Boeing B777-300
D04 Tokyo Haneda Boeing B777-300
D05 Nagoya Boeing B777-300
D06 Seoul Boeing B777-300
D07 Beijing Boeing B777-300
D08 Shanghai Boeing B777-300
D09 Yangon Boeing B777-300
D10 Malé Boeing B777-300 Gortano7 EK652
Concourse B
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
F17 Seychelles Boeing B777-300 CPTWilliam, 58RL1MP2K JK-WVM
F18 Jeddah Boeing B777-300 @D-AIXI Emirates 801 Heavy
F19 Athens Boeing B777-300 @Bruno_Palma Emirates 105
F20 Istanbul Boeing B777-300 Zuhair_Al-ajmi Etihad 1234
F21 Rome Boeing B777-300 Luca_Delfitto EKVA101
F22 Zagreb Boeing B777-300
F23 Budapest Boeing B777-300 Almiost Emirates 111 Heavy
F24 Riyadh Boeing 777-300 @Fahd_Akbar EK 813
F25 Munich Boeing B777-300 @Pilot_Stas Emirates 51
F26 Frankfurt Airbus A380 Lukasz_Jaroszewicsz Emirates 43
F27 Zurich Boeing B777-300 @MJP_27 ASVA096
B14 Milan Airbus A380 @Niklas4 Emirates 376 Super
B15 Paris Airbus A380 @Kevin_Rigs AFKLM123
B16 London Heathrow Airbus A380 @BritishAirways001 BA001
B17 Manchester Airbus A380 @James_Harvey, @HarryH1 EZYVA140, EZYVA403
B18 Barcelona Boeing B777-300 @Maeyo, sebas_mtz99 MAEYO, Emirates 865
B19 Malta Boeing B777-300 @cptlogue N2JL
B20 Moscow Boeing B777-300 Dendenawesome_14 Emirates 536
B21 Stockholme Boeing B777-300 Emil_Levander
B22 Oslo Boeing B777-300 @neman_rahmani EK160.
B23 Amsterdam Boeing B777-300 @Anshul28 IFGA-75
B24 Glasgow Airbus A380 L3gom4n, Jack5101 EZYVA145
B25 Tunis Boeing B777-300 Karin_Wong Emirates 0528
B26 Warsaw Boeing B777-300 @Chief_Beef, Dan.786 Norta890, IFSM
B27 Prague Airbus A380 @Tomas_Mantel Emirates 139 Super
Concourse C
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
F02 Newcastle Boeing B777-300 DanielOConnor, Callum_J.R_01 EZYVA382, EZYVA311
F03 Addis Ababa Boeing B777-300 robin012, hazc1905 Emirates 703, EKVA297
F04 Fort Lauderdale Airbus A380 @CaptainZac, Pertonics QRV195
F05 Orlando Airbus A380 @Shiv UAE 215
F06 Dallas Boeing B777-300 @Bradders777X EKVA009
F07 Los Angeles Airbus A380 @Devon_Mo_Piedmont114 Emirates 310
F08 Washington Boeing B777-300 @MJL_Productions
F09 Toronto Airbus A380 Kzn_Star, Starz ASVA121
F10 New York Newark Airbus A380 @jakegabriel4412,Martin_Lorenz Emirates 4412, EKA 026 Heavy
F11 Sydney Airbus A380 Eduardo_Araujo
F12 Adeleide Boeing B777-300 SirMarkieMark EKVA002
F13 Melbourne Boeing B777-300
B01 Auckland Airbus A380 Branstar_247 EK448
B02 New York Newark Airbus A380 Abdullah_Zameer EK203
B03 San Francisco Airbus A380 Igor_M Emirates 225 Super
B04 Santiago Boeing B777-300
B05 Houston Airbus A380 TomJohnson ASVA072
B06 Chicago Boeing B777-300 @AmarKoric11
B07 Christchurch Boeing B777-300
B08 Cape Town Boeing B777-300 @CaptainAzriq Emirates 9889 Heavy
B09 Johannesburg Airbus A380 Stefanpiont
B10 Cairo Boeing B777-300 HazemRaafat IFGC070
B11 Nairobi Boeing B777-300 @kiz Emirates 721
B12 Hanoi Boeing B777-300
Emirates SkyCargo
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendant Callsign
Cargo E14 Quito Boeing B777F @Hari
Cargo E15 Hong Kong Boeing B777F
Cargo E16 Atlanta Boeing B777F @Raquis Emirates 112
Cargo E17 Houston Boeing B777F @Venezuelancap ASVA053
Cargo E18 Sydney Boeing B777F @NBSYT Fedex2020
Cargo E19 Brussels Boeing B777F Laurenzo_Maeyens Qatar Cargo 444 Heavy
Cargo E20 Chennai Boeing B777F
Cargo E21 Riyadh Boeing B777F Majed.2110 Emirates 602
Cargo E22 Taipei Boeing B777F
Cargo E23 Mexico City Boeing B777-300

*Concourse D will not be used

We have partnered with 2 great virtual airlines, Qatar Virtual, and Fly_Emirates_virtual! Many thanks for this awesome opportunity to partner with these VA’s.

This event has been sponsored by @QatarAirwaysVirtual. You can kindly join them here.

All QRV pilots will receive a 2X multiplier if they take part in this event!

This event has been sponsored by @DubaiVirtual. You can kindly join them here.

Multipliers will be sorted out soon

Thank you so much for looking. If you’d like to join, please let me know your callsign, destination, and airline.


Finally got it to work. Please use this thread everyone!


Omg, that’s really good bravo, will definitely sign up! Can I ask you something? How do you get these INSANE pictures?!


I make them myself 😉


Can I DM you about them, man I really need to learn how to do them 😂, is it ok with you haha?


Of course it is. No problem.


Oh yeah, I forgot to say that more than 1 person can do a flight.

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Great event, Bravo, very well structured my guy! Anyway I’ll have this gate, thanks. Although I do have a question though.

So about this time, does this mean it applies to the time you are allowed to pushback?


Yes, you can depart whenever you wish within the time ;) Also what is your callsign?


Am I able to use Qatari, or do I have to use QTR (General aviation)?

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Any callsign you want.


Alright then, I’ll go Qatari (Qatar) 207, thanks mate ;)


‘‘Tis great sir! But why does the event last for 8 hours lol

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You can pushback within that time that’s what it means ;) hope you understood

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Because then it gives anyone time to take part in the event.


By the way are there any other events that you have created apart from the Balkan fly-out?

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I see, well hopefully I am available then, and I do get a sub, so ima get C08 at Hamid, Qatar A350 to Helsinki, standby for callsign

calsign Qatar 301


@RileyBozina and @TransportForLife y’all have been signed up! Thanks for coming.


As I mentioned above, is there any other events of yours I can sign up to, that I haven’t already? I get really bored playing the game without events. ;)

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Currently not really. Only the Balkan fly-out.