(Finished!) (Thanks Everyone) Huge Airport Flyout! @ KLAS - 211800ZOCT18


Sure thing @AviationGaming , put you for the BA 747 from LAS To EGLL


Thanks man!


Copa Airlines DOES NOT operate in MPMG but in MPTO.


You’re looking for MPTO here. MPMG is the secondary airport serving domestic operations in Panama. :)


Alright @Nathan and @brunocr98 , thanks! I’ll change it :)


Event Starts in 12 Days

Goal Is 20 Attenders! Let’s Fill It Up!


Hy. Can i flight with Luftansa airline, A340-600 aircraft?


Sure, I’ll assign you gate E04, @savavalentin86 , A340 Lufthansa, where will you be flying to?


@savavalentin86 , I put you for Lufthansa A340 at gate E04 from Las Vegas to Munich, tell me if you want it changed.


I love Las Vegas could I have a WestJet gate to Calgary?


Of course @AlaskaAir , see you there!


Awesome I can’t wait!


@AlaskaAir , Your D06 Westjet 737 to CYYC, Enjoy!


Could you make it E8 instead? (More realism)


Alright, changing it now…


11 Days Away

Sign Up Now, Goal is 20 Attenders!


Sign me up. SouthWest- GATE–C06 KLAS-KDEN


Can I have a GA gate for a F-22 please


@BadPlane , Alright Assigning it now.

BadJokes101, you will be GA Gate 13 for VFR, tell me if you want your destination changed.

See You Guys There!


Completed Our Goal Of 20 Attenders

Next Goal is 30 || ATC Needed