(Finished!) (Thanks Everyone) Huge Airport Flyout! @ KLAS - 211800ZOCT18

@QFA_12 Assigning you to age D40

I may or may not make it, but I’ll take E01 KLAS to RKSI Korean Air 777-200ER please!

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Alright @Tnel , Enjoy and see you there!

Bumping This Topic

Goal is 20 Attenders!

How r u @Kamryn
I’ll be representing for Southwest Virtual.
May I please have Gate: C12 to KOAK?
Callsign: SWA81
Thank you sir🤝

Sure thing! @Playr_Mar See you there!

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2 Weeks Away

Again, Goal Is At 20 Attenders!

I could do the westjet flight, (E07) though, cause of how much time I have, it would be slightly better if I could land at CYYC
If you can’t do that, I could be ATC.


Sure thing, @WestJet737767 , E07 to CYYC It is! See you there :)

Thanks! I’m excited

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Can I take D41, Delta A321 to DTW

Sure thing @langer00am , enjoy my and see you there!

@langer00am Mind if I put you at gate D42 but same Aircraft and route?

Can I have D41 to John Wayne/KSNA thanks!

I’ll take gate D56!

@Jack_Winston and @Kaden_Wright Assigning your Gates, have fun!

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That works, thanks!

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I’ll be landing a bit late, I might have to drop out but I’ll probably just switch gates.

I asked it because I swapped your gate with an ERJ-170 because it fits the gate correctly, D42 can fit an A321. Thanks for your understanding!

Actually can you swap my flight from Los Vegas to Seoul to Los Vegas to London E02?