(Finished!) (Thanks Everyone) Huge Airport Flyout! @ KLAS - 211800ZOCT18


D51 with the SCX 738 to KMSP please!


@ItsBlitz If we get more than 20 attendees I’ll switch to ground and maybe tower


Where is the list of routes? I can’t find it. I would be willing to fly fedex md11f from klas to kmem unless that messing something up.


There are tabs for them, go back to OP and look for the cargo tab.


Just found it thanks.


I’d like to reserve a tee time at apron 5 please.


Keep in mind Apron 5 is the 777-300ER but the host can change it to a MD11F don’t know.


Gate A23 for me


I haven’t flown the 777 in a while but could be persuaded to climb back aboard so that’s fine.


I can do the united a320 to Newark


@Don_King @Gmagic @Erik_Hawk @Simon_Thompson Assigning all your gates Now! Thanks for joining!

Eric Hawk, changed the 777 to MD-11F


Gonna fly a practice flight from KLAS to a random airport.


I see XD, maybe in a future event!


You can fly on TS but you don’t have to represent your VA.


16 Days Left with 10 Coming!


Hey @ItsBlitz, I’ll take gate D33 to KJFK.


@Dylan_M , assigning you now, your going to be D38 but same aircraft and route because D38’s gate size is more appropriate for a 757, Have Fun!


Lets Get More Attenders!

Bumping this Topic!


Can I go to kbil my home airport aay12


Alright @QFA_12 ! Signing ya up now! What gate? I didn’t get the grammar correct. Have fun ;)