(Finished!) (Thanks Everyone) Huge Airport Flyout! @ KLAS - 211800ZOCT18

Hello Fellow Community. I’m an holding my first ever event at my hometown airport! The airport has a beautiful departure so that is why I chose it as my first event airport!



Server: Training

Airport: KLAS

Time: October 21, 2018 5:00 PM | 1700Z


To help keep this event organized, please read takeoff instructions as the 4 runways at KLAS have certain uses for each aircraft. Please Spawn 10 minutes prior to the event at your gate. Keep everything realistic and follow ATC instructions. No intercepting or trolling. And lastly, Please stay atleast 50 Seconds before taking off after another aircraft takes off. Thanks!


Tower: @Toshiki
Ground: @CaptSauceBoss
Departure: @Rodrigo_Villalobos

Commercial Gates

Allegiant | A Gates

A03 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSCK] -
A05 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSCK] -
A07 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KBLI] -
A08 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSAT] -
A10 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSCK] -
A11 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KOMA] -
A12 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KMTJ] -
A13 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KOMA] -
A14 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSAT] -
A15 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KOMA] -
A16 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KOKC] -
A17 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KIWA] -
A18 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSAT] -
A19 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSAT] -
A20 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KIWA] -
A21 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KMTJ] -
A22 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KSCK] -
A23 Allegiant [(A320) KLAS-KOKC] - @Don_King

Southwest / Spirit | B Gates

B01 Spirit [(A321) KLAS-KDTW] -
B02 Spirit [(A320) KLAS-KOAK] - @Rafael_Aviation_Gonz
B06 Spirit [(A321) KLAS-KDTW] -
B09 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KSAN] -
B10 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KAUS] - @anon42527263
B11 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KDAL] -
B12 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KSAN] -
B14 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KSJC] - @BigBert10
B15 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KDEN] -
B17 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KDEN] -
B19 Spirit [(A320) KLAS-KOAK] -
B20 Spirit [(A320) KLAS-KDFW] -
B21 Spirit [(A320) KLAS-KAUS] -
B22 Spirit [(A320) KLAS-KOAK] -
B23 Spirit [(A321) KLAS-KHOU] -
B24 Spirit [(A321) KLAS-KMCO] - @Hockeyman_02
B25 Spirit [(A320) KLAS-KOAK] -

Southwest | C Gates

C01 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KBWI] -
C02 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KTUS] -
C03 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KDEN] -
C04 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KSLC] -
C05 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KBWI] -
C06 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KDEN] -
C07 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KBWI] - @Plane-Train-TV
C08 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KPHX] -
C09 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KLAX] -
C11 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KMEM] -
C12 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KOAK] -
C13 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KAUS] -
C14 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KSEA] -
C15 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KSAT] -
C16 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KLAX] -
C19 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KLIT] -
C20 Southwest [(737) KLAS-KDEN] -
C21 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KPDX] -
C22 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KMEM] -
C23 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KPIT] -
C24 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KBHM] -
C25 Southwest [(738) KLAS-KSJC] -

American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, United, Air Canada | D Gates

D01 American [(738) KLAS-KLAX] -
D03 American [(A321) KLAS-KDFW] -
D04 American [(738) KLAS-KMIA] -
D05 American [(738) KLAS-KSAN] -
D06 American [(738) KLAS-KOAK] -
D07 American [(A321) KLAS-KDFW] -
D08 American [(A321) KLAS-KAUS] -
D09 American [(A321) KLAS-KMIA] -
D10 American [(738) KLAS-KMCO] -
D11 American [(738) KLAS-KMIA] -
D12 American [(738) KLAS-KSAT] -
D14 American [(A320) KLAS-KPHX] -
D15 American [(738) KLAS-KBZN] -
D16 Frontier [(A320) KLAS-KDEN] -
D17 Frontier [(A320) KLAS-KGJT] -
D18 Frontier [(A321) KLAS-KDEN] - @Thomasie
D19 American [(738) KLAS-KORD] -
D20 American [(A321) KLAS-KORD] -
D21 Sun Country (Generic) [(B738) KLAS-KMSP] -
D22 Sun Country (Generic) [(B738) KLAS-KMSP] -
D23 Air Canada Rouge [(A319) KLAS-CYVR] -
D24 Air Canada Rouge [(A319) KLAS-CYYZ] - @AlaskaAir
D25 Air Canada Rouge (Generic) [(767) KLAS-CYYZ] -
D26 American [(738) KLAS-KORD] -
D32 Delta [(738) KLAS-KORD] -
D33 Delta [(739) KLAS-KSAN] - @EverettM
D34 Delta [(738) KLAS-KSLC] -
D35 Delta [(A321) KLAS-KMIA] -
D36 Delta [(A321) KLAS-KATL] - @CameronH21
D37 Delta [(738) KLAS-KLAX] - @AsternAviation
D38 Delta [(CRJ-700) KLAS-KSNA] - @Michael_Czyz
D39 United [(738) KLAS-KSFO] - @Nasty_Rasty
D40 Delta [(738) KLAS-KBIL] - @QFA_12
D41 Delta [(ERJ-170) KLAS-KSNA] - @Jack_Winston
D42 Delta [(A321) KLAS-KDTW] - @langer00am
D43 Delta [(A321) KLAS-KATL - @mvh1221
D50 Sun Country (Generic) [(B738) KLAS-KMSP] -
D51 Sun Country (Generic) [(B738) KLAS-KMSP] - @Simon_Thompson
D52 United [(738) KLAS-KAID] -
D53 United [(A320) KLAS-KEWR] - @Gmagic
D54 United [(738) KLAS-KDEN] -
D55 Hawaiian [(767) KLAS-PHNL] -
D56 United [(739) KLAS-KDEN] - @Kaden_Wright
D57 Hawaiian [(767) KLAS-PHNL] -
D58 United [(739) KLAS-KEWR] - @Captain_Nick
D59 Alaska [(A320) KLAS-KSFO] - @FuZion_Sami

British Airways, Alaska, Jetblue, LATAM, West Jet | E Gates

E01 British [(777-200ER) KLAS-EGKK] - @Swiss199
E02 British [(747-400) KLAS-EGLL] - @Tnel
E03 LATAM [(787-9) KLAS-SBGL] - @Cpt_Caveman
E05A Lufthansa [(A340) KLAS-EDDM] - @savavalentin86
E06 Westjet [(B737) KLAS-CYYC] - @Eralp123
E07 WestJet [(B737) KLAS-CYYC] - @WestJet737767
E08 Jetblue [(A320) KLAS-KLGB] - @ItsBlitz
E09 JetBlue [(A321) KLAS-KCPR] - @pilot0674
E10 Alaska [(A320) KLAS-KLAX] - @bechrisair
E11 Alaska [(739) KLAS-KSFO] - @Alaska170
E12 Alaska [(A320) KLAS-KSFO] - @AIDAN101
E13 Alaska [(738) KLAS-KPDX] - @Jeffrey_Varga
E14 Alaska [(738) KLAS-KSEA] - @wynnster8

Cargo Gates

Apron 01 UPS [(A330-200F) KLAS-KSDF] - @MacGyver
Apron 02 UPS [(A330-200F) KLAS-KSDF] -
Apron 03 UPS [(MD-11F) KLAS-KIND] -
Apron 04 Emirates Cargo [(777-200F) KLAS-EGLL] - @Branstar_247
Apron 05 FedEx [(MD-11) KLAS-KMEM] - @Erik_Hawk
Apron 07 FedEx Feeder [(C208) KLAS-KSGU) - @DS2001

GA / Private Jet Gates

FBO 01 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
FBO 02 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
FBO 03 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
FBO 04 [(F-22) KLAS-KSFO] - @Kaseng_Cheng_Rangel
FBO 05 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
FBO 06 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
FBO 07 [(C208) KLAS-???] -
FBO 08 [(C208) KLAS-???] -
FBO 09 [(Citation X) KLAS-???] -
FBO 10 [(Citation X) KLAS-KLAX] - @BadPlane
GA01 [(Citation X) KLAS-???] -
GA02 [(Citation X) KLAS-???] -
GA03 [(Citation X) KLAS-???] -
GA04 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
GA05 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
GA06 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
GA07 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
GA08 [(TBM930) KLAS-???] -
GA09 [(C208) KLAS-???] -
GA10 [(C208) KLAS-???] -
GA11 [(C208) KLAS-???] -
GA12 [(SR22) KLAS-???] -
GA13 [(CX) KLAS-???] -

Janet Gates Will Not Be Used as All are Reserved by @FirstClassLuxury , He will be AF1 being Escorted by Military Aircraft.

Departure Procedures: GA Aircraft Will Take Off On 19L and 19R. Commercial or Cargo Airliners take of on 26R and Land on 26L. If winds change, I will send info onto this Post for Extra Departure procedures. Also, note on departure, a few mountains are straight ahead, to help keep this realistic, Departures going to the West or South will turn an immediate left while departures going North or East will turn an immediate right.

??? In GA Gates Means Any Airport Is Allowed.

I spent 2/30 Hours on creating this event!

Some Gates (Ex. Southwest) can be changed to a different route if wanted. To sign up, Tell me your gate number and route, and your in! Enjoy!


Where’s the LAS-LIT route on southwest?


If you would like to get a gate with that route, I can change one of the Southwest Routes for you ;)


I would like to have apron 7


@DS2001 Your Signed up for the FedEx Feeder From LAS To SGU, See you there!


I would like to do Gate number D44 United {(738 KLAS-KSFO} please


@Nasty_Rasty Alright, I’ll add you!

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D52 has a typo, but I’ll take United to IAD. Tag me when the event starts as I may forget lol.


Can I have Delta KLAS-KATL please?


@mvh1221, you are gate D43, @FirstClassLuxury , your D52. See you guys there!

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17 Days Left Until Start!


I was actually going to do this on expert but I decided that on training, I could get more people, sorry


Why are you only allowed to fly on expert?

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Ok. A couple heads up.

  1. Southwest does not fly the KDFW. They fly to KDAL.

  2. I see a lot of Southwest destinations listed 3 times (KLAS-KBWI, KLAS-KPIT). I know Southwest has tons of more destinations than what you have posted here. I can try to find a PDF with all there destinations from KLAS if you like (:

  3. Can I have a SWA gate to BWI haha


I wanna add a little sparkle to my flight ;). Can I have fighter jets escort me. If not I have a backup plan.

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You can have Southwest to BWI, LOL, And I just put routes because I was typing this on my phone until 10PM, but I put below that you can change the route if wanted ;)

@FirstClassLuxury I don’t know if anyone will escort you XD, you can invite someone and see if they will.

Either gonna reenact the only president to fly on a commercial aircraft or gonna be a VC-25 and shut the entire airport down for 45 minutes.

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@Plane-Train-TV , I have assigned you to gate C07, See you there!

Would love to attend but sadly I won’t have a sub at the time, you guys all have fun flying in Vegas!

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