(Finished- Thank you!) Let's Give Charm City Some LUV @KBWI - 031700ZNOV18

Lets give Charm City Some LUV


Server: Expert

Airport: KBWI

Date: November 3, 2018 5:00 PM

About this event: Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport has been one of many airports forgotten about in Infinite Flight. Why? Well, KBWI was never updated until this recent update. It only had about 10 gates to spawn at and just a terrible place to fly from. After this recent scenery update, BWI looks like BWI. And now I want to make a huge event at BWI to show how nice this airport is!

About BWI: Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport, or better known as BWI, is located in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area. It serves two great cities, Baltimore and Washington D.C. BWI was built in the years 1948 to 1950 and officially opened as Friendship International Airport on July 23, 1950. Since then it has grown into one of the biggest airports on the east coast and handles more passengers than all the airports serving Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. BWI is the hub airport for the major low-cost carrier Southwest and a focus city for Spirit Airlines. BWI is known to be a “travel friendly” airport and a simple layout. As of 2017, BWI had more than 26 million passengers either depart of arrive there!

NOTAM: Please spawn 15 minutes before event begins to get great pictures! We will be using Runway 28 for departures and runway 33L for arrivals. There will be no ATC so please use the Unicom in a respectful manner. If you do plan arriving into Baltimore, the last landing must be made before the first aircraft lines up on the runway to take off!

Available Routes:
Down below is a list of all available routes. Please find the one you would like and request it in the comments. To find out how to request, keep going down.

Concourse A
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
A1 @Luke_Sta Southwest KGRR B737
A2 Southwest KDEN B738
A3 @Alaska170 Southwest KLAX B738
A4 @Dillon_Lewis Southwest KTPA B737
A5 @BigBert10 Southwest KSJC B738
A6 @anon87102400 Southwest KPIT B737
A7 Southwest KSAN B738
A8 @Grizpac Southwest KPWM B737
A9 Southwest KPVD B737
A10 @Daniel_Cerritos Southwest KMHT B737
A11 @757fan Southwest KFLL B737
Concourse B
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
B2 Southwest KJAX B737
B3 Southwest KAUS B737
B4 @Plane-Train-TV Southwest KPBI B737
B5 Southwest KBDL B737
B6 @Patrick_Gallagher Southwest KISP B737
B7 Southwest KSTL B737
B8 Southwest KPHX B738
B9 Southwest MMUN B737
B10 Southwest KSAT B737
B11 @Brayden_McNeal Southwest KOAK B737
B12 Southwest KCVG B737
B13 Southwest KSEA B737
B14 @Tnel Southwest KATL B737
B15 @Kamryn Southwest KLAS B738
Concourse C
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
C1 American KPHL CRJ2
C2 Contour KMCN CRJ2
C3 American KPHX A321
C4 American KORD B738
C5 American KCLT B738
C6 American KDFW B738
C7 American KMIA B738
C9 Southwest KMCO B738
C10 Southwest KAMA B737
C11 Southwest KELP B737
C12 Southwest KRSW B737
C13 Southwest KMKE B737
C14 Southwest KHOU B738
Concourse D
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
D1 WOW air BIKF A320
D2 jetBlue KBOS E190
D4 @Kevinsoto1502 jetBlue KFLL A320
D7 @EthanT2 Air Canada CYYZ E175
D8 @anon42527263 Spirit KIAH A320
D10 Spirit KFLL A321
D11 Spirit KORD A320
D12 @JetBlast_2119 Spirit KDTW A320
D13 United KLAX B739
D14 Spirit KATL A320
D15 @esant_15 United KORD B738
D16 United KSFO A320
D20 Delta KSLC B739
D21 Delta KRDU CRJ2
D22 Allegiant KAVL A320
D23 Delta KDTW A319
D24 Delta KCVG CRJ7
D25 Delta KMSP B739
D26 Delta KJFK CRJ2
D29 @Bryant_Lol Delta KATL B738
Concourse E
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
E1 @Krunchy_Toast British Airways EGLL B789
E2 Air Canada CYUL CRJ2
E3 Condor EDDF B763
E4 Icelandair BIKF B752
E6 Norwegian MTPP B738
Cargo Terminal

Main Terminal

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
F6 FedEx KEWR MD11
F8 FedEx KMEM D10F
F9 FedEx KMEM B763
F10 FedEx KIND B763
F11 FedEx KSDF MD11
F12 FedEx KMIA MD11
F15 @Playr_Mar UPS KDFW B752
F16 @BadPlane UPS KPHL A33F

Mid-Field Cargo

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
Stand 1 Amazon Prime KTPA B763
Stand 2 ABX Air KSMF B763
Stand 3 Amazon Prime KMSP B763
Private Charters
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
Stand F18A Omini Air KLAS B772
Stand F20A @Rishon_R Omini Air LOWS B772
General Aviation

There is over 30 general aviation spots available at KBWI so I felt it would be easier to have you guys sign up for a GA spot and when the event comes you can pick where you would like to spawn.
| Pilot | Destination | Aircraft |
| — | — | — | — |
| @ServerGhost | | C172 |
| @rileymoyer | KSBY | C172 |

How Can I request a Gate?
Just say in the comments what gate you would like and what callsign you will be using.

Can I request a new Destination?
Of course! If I missed your hometown airport just let me know! Just make sure it is a real route out of KBWI and you are all good to go!

When is this event again?
November 3, 2018 5:00 PM

Now what?
Save the date! Mark your calendar as you WILL NOT want to miss a event like this!

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General Aviation gate - BGMCEO

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You know me well. Southwest 853. That is enough information…XD

@ServerGhost @BigBert10 @Playr_Mar you guys are all in! Can’t wait to see you there!


Can I get southwest to KDEN please

@den.aviation you are in! So happy you signed up!

I’ll gladly take gate A4

Can I have gate D15?

@Dillon_Lewis @esant_15 you guys have been added! I’m happy you guys signed up and can’t wait to see you there!

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JBU To FLL please! :)

I’ll take gate B6, Southwest to KISP!

Could you add a Gate to GRR? It is a route IRL and would like to fly it😃

What gate would you like?

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How about A1? Thank you.

Your in! Enjoy your flight!

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Ill take A6 callsign southwest 575

Please put me down for a GA to KSBY, (hoping for TBM but who knows).


Finally a flight to MHT! I might be getting a new job that allows me to have weekends off, so Put me on standby for MHT please :)

I purposely put the MHT flight just for you! Will do!

No route to PWM…oh well. The first event I have EVER signed up for, because it’s my home.

GA to KSBY please. Going to fly over the beautiful eastern shore.

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