FINISHED — THANK YOU EVERYONE! | 12AUG20 / 1800Z | The Canadian Rockies, Can You Handle Them? | @CYBW

I think this’ll be right on my dinner, possibly cannot attend. I’ll reserve a gate nonetheless

This is what you all will be facing with 😜, it is incredibly difficult. Trust me this makes it look easy lmao.


Nice job, like we’re learning from the master!

I’ll put you down on standby in case you’re not able to come, thanks for showing interest in this event!

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How long will this take? I might be able to attend before my flight home from San Diego.

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Whoops, callsign EC-123 🙂. Thanks for signing me up!

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It’s only gonna be 30 minutes max, but probably less. It’s a really short flight.

Also, you’re welcome, @Ecoops123!

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Alright, put me down on reserve for right now. :)

It’s a 50/50

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No problem, thanks for coming!

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I’m in. Give me a gate.

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I’ll sign you up, thanks!

Do you or @AviationFreak have a callsign I should add?

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Ooh, can I make it fancy?


Just as long as the callsign fits in 8 characters. 😉

It’s a 50/50 for me too. Sign me up tho! For the callsign, I will be N128TL.

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No problem, thanks!



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Announcement: More Gates have been added to allow for more signups. Thank you everyone who is attending this event!

Can you put me on a standby list while I can see if I can clear up my schedule? (Grass Tie Down 1)

Edit: I still need to practice landing the X-Cub, I suck with taildraggers.

Edit 2: That is one short runway.

Edit 3: How can I stop on that short of a runway, I will use too much braking power and flip.

Edit 4:

What is this. @Butter_Boi

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Edits 1, 2, and 3, are what solo mode is for, practice. And I’m sure with practaice you’ll be able to make the landing. 😉

I’ll also get you signed up right away! Thank you!

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Is this the right airport? Above.

Sign me right up please :)