FINISHED — THANK YOU EVERYONE! | 12AUG20 / 1800Z | The Canadian Rockies, Can You Handle Them? | @CYBW



Hello and welcome to this one-of-a-kind event! Today, we are bringing you an event from the Canadian Rockies, some of the most scenic mountains in the world. On top of that, this event also includes an airport that not many of us know about, a tiny airport in the heart of the mountains — well, technically it’s a heliport. This event will be both scenic and fun!

Co-hosted by @ItsBlitz.

We will be flying from Calgary Springbank to Kananaskis Village Helistop.

Departure Airport:

CYBW (Calgary Springbank).

Arrival Airport:

FE7 (Kananaskis Village Helistop).


Casual Server (since landings are nearly impossible here 😜).




Cub Crafters XCub (any livery).



7,000ft MSL.




CYBW 220KW SIMTA FE7 (fly visual from SIMTA to FE7).


Once the event starts, we will taxi to the runway in use one after another, and takeoff in that sequence. We will then follow the specified FPL, altitude, and speed until SIMTA. From there, we will follow the leaders, @Kamryn and @Butter_Boi through the pattern to the active runway at FE7 to land.

We will release more information via the official event PM.

So you’ve reached the signup section, you must be interested in participating in our event! If you would like to signup, just state your requested gate, callsign, and if you would like to participate in our mini-landing challenge (see below).

Signups (main event):

Gate Callsign Pilot
Hangar 1-1 B-LITZ @Kamryn
Hangar 2-1 LLL001 @Butter_Boi
Hangar 3-1 TBA @IanD
Hangar 4-1 TBA @ThomasThePro
Hangar 4-2 RDB207 @Rilej_aviation
Hangar 5-1 TBA @AviatorNikola
Hangar 5-2 TBA @Tsumia
Hangar 6-1 TBA @tyleraviator99
Hangar 8-1 TBA @MJP_27
Hangar 9-1 EC-123 @Ecoops123 (standby).
Hangar 9-2 TBA @AviationFreak (standby).
Hangar 10-1 FF772 @Ur_Friendly_Approach
Hangar 10-2 N128TL @tunamkol (standby).
Grass Tie-Down 1 TBA @Pilot_Felix (standby),
Grass Tie-Down 2 TBA @MattyTH
Grass Tie-Down 3 TBA @Mukundan_Srivatsa
Grass Tie-Down 4 TBA @Rolls
Grass Tie-Down 5 TBA @Param_Patnaik
Grass Tie-Down 6 G RIDLEY @Dingaling

More Gates will be added if needed.

Signups (mini landing event):

Participants and rankings


Here are the landing competition rankings, great job everyone!

  1. @AviationFreak
  2. @MJP_27
  3. @Marcel001
  4. @Pilot_Felix

Here are the rules and NOTAMS for this event, please follow them and everyone will have fun!

  • Please spawn at least 15 minutes before the event starts.

  • We will taxi in order of hangar numbers. So the person in hanger 1-1 would taxi first, then 2-1, and so on.

  • Please follow all procedures and follow the specified FPL.

  • Do NOT mess around during the event, even though it’s on casual. You may fool around after everyone has landed at FE7.

  • If you can’t land it, no worries. Feel free to do pattern work and retry the landing after everyone lands.

  • Even though we are on casual, please do NOT spam Unicom with messages.

  • most importantly, have a great flight!

This is the section for the mini landing competition I’ve been speaking of. This will take place as part of the main event upon arrival to FE7. The airport (heliport), is tiny and has a scenery glitch, which is why this event is on CS, and we are challenging pilots to a landing competition. If you want to join, just say so when you signup!

Thank You!

I would like to thank @Kamryn for telling me about this airport, and helping me co-host this too. This wouldn’t of been possible without you!

And thank you, the IFC, for checking out this event and signing up. It really means a lot to have you here!

Have fun! 😁


How long is the flight?

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15-20 minutes :)


Count me in, I love these crazy flights!

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Sign me up!

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Good event! Sign me up, thanks.

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Sign me and @Rilej_aviation up we are bloody excited!


Count me in!

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I recommend everyone to get IF Operations on the app store to track how much landing V/S you get :)

It also helps with fuel calculations, flight time, and FPL

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yea sign me up

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I’ll be there!

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Sorry for the late reply everyone, but I’ll get y’all signed up!

If you could supply your callsign that would be great, thanks!

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Also, would anyone be interested in our mini-event? You can read more on the main thread.

Ah yes, mine is RDB207. :)

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Ok, thank you!

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I’m interested!

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Well consider yourself signed up!

Hmm… I like the sound of that!

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Announcement: @Kamryn will be the host of the mini landing competition. He will still be part of the flight and co-host the main event, but the separate mini-event will be hosted by him.


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There are still spots left, signup while you can!