[Finished, Thank You!] 12DEC20 / 1500Z - Plane & Pilot's Final Event @ KLAX

Hello IFC!

After accumulating 4 years of operation, almost 150 IFC events, and over 250 members, Plane & Pilot has decided to move on from the IFC/IFVARB system and become a fully independent avaition community! This is a huge step for us, and we are very excited for it, but we can’t do it without a proper goodbye to the amazing community that has supported us for so long!

This is the final event in the longest and most iconic third party series in the IFC’s history! Thousands of IFC users of all ages have enjoyed our unique, well managed events for years, and it all comes down to this. On December 12th, almost exactly 4 years after our opening event, we will take off from KLAX, fly out from the California coast to KNUC, and back into KSAN. This is the reverse of our first event, as we feel it’s only right to end this amazing journey where it all started: KSAN. Once all aircraft have landed, Plane & Pilot will officially shutdown IFVARB operations. We hope that many of our friends, whether you are moving on with us or not, will join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Any commercial jet (generic livery)

Starting Airport: KLAX

Ending Airport: KSAN

Flight Time: :40

Date / Time: 2020-12-12T08:00:00Z

Flight Plan: Our first event, hosted over 4 years ago, brought us from KSAN to KLAX via KNUC. To finish things up, we will do the reverse: Taking off from KLAX, doing a touch and go at KNUC, and heading to KSAN for our final landing.


Ascend Rate: 1800vs

Ascend Speed: 240kts

Cruising Altitude: FL150

Cruising Speed: 260kts

Descent Rate: -1800vs

Descent Speed: 240kts

Listen to @PlaneCrazy on the event PM for more instructions

KLAX Gates:
East Remote Stand 02= @PlaneCrazy (leader)
East Remote Stand 03= @Sashaz55
East Remote Stand 04= @Pingu
East Remote Stand 05= @MJP_27
East Remote Stand 06= @ELDEN_PLATENBERG
East Remote Stand 07= @dca.iad.aviation
East Remote Stand 08= @Stellar_G
East Remote Stand 09= @Captain_Awerty
East Remote Stand 10= @Aviation2929
East Remote Stand 11= @Niccckk
East Remote Stand 12= @Oskapew
East Remote Stand 13= @HappyDays
East Remote Stand 18= @Ritesh321
East Remote Stand 19= @Jens_Severin
East Remote Stand 20= @Flightistic
East Remote Stand 21= @Jet_Airways_995
East Remote Stand 22= @DeltaFox
East Remote Stand 23B= @ZinZowe
East Remote Stand X01= @Johnt30
East Remote Stand X02= @AviationFreak
East Remote Stand X03= @NathanD
The Box Remote Gate 52A= @Captainflight
The Box Remote Gate 52C= @CaptainKyler
The Box Remote Gate 52D= @Big_Chungus
The Box Remote Gate 52E= @AryaTheLivingMeme
The Box Remote Gate 52F= @Finnishboy
The Box Remote Gate 52G= @anon25781354
The Box Remote Gate 52H= @AGSilver_04
The Box Remote Gate 52I= @FlyAndCrash
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 01= @Pilot_Felix
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 02= @Marcel001
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 03= @Butter_Boi
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 04= @Murilo_Heindrich
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 05= @Errigal
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 06= @samory167
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 07= @anon57312879
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 08=
Delta Airlines Maintenance Apron 08=

We really appreciate your hospitality, support, and opportunities. We wouldn’t be able to make this transition without you. All of our staff will continue to enjoy this amazing community and flight simulator as individuals, but we feel that it is time to move this organization to something bigger. If you would like to find out more about our plans and perhaps join us, please see this topic:

Even if you don’t, we appreciate each and every one of you who has attended our events, joined our Slack,or helped us in any way. We hope that we have been appriciated in the same way and won’t be forgotten.

Thank you, good day,

The Plane & Pilot Team


Wow, congrats on these huge changes! I wish you all the best, how could I not attend one of these events? Sign me up!

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Gate please! Sad to see you go

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Gate please

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@Pingu @MJP_27 @ELDEN_PLATENBERG You are all signed up! Thanks for joining!


May I request a gate.

Closing down Ops here is a big leap into the future, but I wish y’all well in your future endeavors .


Sign me up! I’m glad to be part of this amazing journey!


Congratulations on completing 4 years of service!! 🎈


I’ll take a spot please


@Stellar_G @Captain_Awerty @Aviation2929 I will add you to the list, enjoy!


I’ll take a gate. Excited for the future of the VO, congrats @PlaneCrazy. :))


East Remote Stand 11 is all yours. Thank you!

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Shame this is at 7 in the morning where I’m at


I remember when you guys helped me at my Charlotte Event. I will never forget the professionalism and awesome show you guys put on and ability to draw a crowd and introduce others in this community. It is a shame to see you go and maybe I’ll drop by but not intrude on this final flight.


Sure, why not? Would love to be a part of this flight!

Oh wait this is at 7am for me…

Sign me up anyway, I’ll try and make it


@AIDAN101 @Oskapew Sorry for the early time, we were trying to adjust it so that all of our staff members could attend. Hope you can make it though!

@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 I remember that too, it was lots of fun! Thanks for the kind words, see you around!


I would attend but it’s a bit early :(

I’m glad to be with the VA as we move on!


Congratulations! Sign me up!


You are all signed up, see you there!

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Can i have a gate?