[FINISHED] TFC & QVG Celebrate the Qantas 737 @ YBBN - 301200ZMAR18

Whatever happened to the second leg?

4th flight I’ll do

Sign me up

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The 4th leg is starting now. See you there!


Well, sorry I’m already flying, I can’t come

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I’m unable to come because I’ve got some commitments I’m sorry for the late response and apologise for the inconvenience.

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Sorry, I was fishing. 😂🐠

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The next leg of our flight is at 20:00Zulu. See you there! (@AustralianFlyer No worries mate, I hope you caught a lot)

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The next leg of our tour takes us from YBCS to YBBN at 10:00 Zulu!

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Flight 6

3 hours left before our last leg!

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