[Finished] TFC Friday night Long Haul @ YSSY - 200400ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Through the wormhole of time

Departure Airport: YSSY

Arrival Airport: VTBS

Time: 0400Z

Aircraft: Thai Airways Boeing 747-400, Emirates Airbus A380-800

NOTAM: Join Tailwinds Flying Club this Friday for a long haul flight from Sydney to Bangkok! This is a chance to get some flight hours, meet some friends, and, most of all, have fun. We hope to see you there!

Emirates Gates

We will be using YSSY Terminal 1 A380 Gates
Gate 08: @Davidberman
Gate 09: @MrAlaska
Gate 10: @JustflyM15
Gate 24:

Thai Airways Gates

We will be using YSSY Terminal 1 Gates 30-37
Gate 30: @DiamondGaming4
Gate 31: @Oli_H
Gate 32: @Daniel14
Gate 33: @JackH
Gate 34: @Goran12
Gate 35:
Gate 36:
Gate 37:

FedEx Cargo Apron

Apron 01: @AndrewWu
Apron 02:
Apron 03:
Apron 04:
Apron 05:
Apron 06:

YSSY Terminal 1 Chart

Credit: Virtual Hub

Air Traffic Controller at YSSY: @Matthew_Chan

Flight Plan and Flight Rules will be posted in the event chat

This Event Is Hosted By
Tailwinds Flying Club!
Who We Are
We are a group of enthusiastic people who understand the modern day constraints of school and work.

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Lol you changed the event, anyway I’ll have a Thai airways gate

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Hello I’ll attend this event. Please put me on the list for the emirates gate. When is the time of this event In eastern time zone?

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I think it is 11pm EST

OK please put me for terminal 1

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Sure thing! You want a Thai 747 or an Emirates A380?

The emirates a380 please

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Gate 32 please πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Kthanksbye.

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Thank you! Check above for your assignment πŸ‘

Any Emirates gate will be fine for me :-)

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Sure thing! See you there πŸ‘

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Thai gate for me please

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Wish I could join but is 00:40AM and I have school. ;(

Will do! Check above for your assignment


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Could I have a gate? I’m assuming this flight is about 10.5 hours

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It’s actually around 9-9 and a half hours. Before I got you a gate, could you tell me if youre flying an Emirates A380, a Thai 747, or a FedEx plane?

Put me down what time would it be in Sydney? Make sure we do the real departure out of Sydney.

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Can I get put down for YSSY ATC? Or do you guys have someone already

You can certainly do that. Ground and tower?