[Finished] TFC and AAVA Joint Event! @ KLAX - 131815ZJAN18

Server: *Training

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1815Z (10:15am Pacific time)

Have fun and be nice to fellow Pilots as we do a short hop in California! Staff for both AAVA and TFC take T5 and Pilots take T4.

Terminal 5 FULL (Staff Gates Reserved For Staff of both VA’s ONLY)
51A: @DiamondGaming4
51B: @TwinsRock88
52: @Bobby
53A: @Ethan_Lembree23
53B: @The_Geniusman
54A: @GolferRyan
54B: @kylen15
55: @Etrain
56: @Ishan_S
57: @Chief305
58: @Daniel14
59: @Transport_Hub

Terminal 4 (Pilot Gates)
40: @AndrewWu
41: @Niklas3
42: @Zac_Marshall
43: @PeterCLE
44: @JGrant639
45: @Felix_Maroni
46A: @EpicLegend29
46B: @Trio
47A: @Wjom90
47B: @Jo_lg_16
48A: @Plane_Masta
48B: @Javian_J

Joint Event Hosted By Tailwinds Flyign Club and American Airlines Virtual


Sign up For AAVA:

Sign Up For TFC:

Already a part of TFC? log it using the link below:


I would like a gate please!

Thanks! :)

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You got it! Check above!

Just saw, thank you Daniel.

Warm Regards,

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Of course! Your welcome!

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Sign me up plz @Daniel14

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Add me :) Staff gate 56 if possible !

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Where will we be flying to?

I will fix it in a few

@Balloonchaser fixed it

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KSFO from KLAX short

Ok can you sign me up? I just joined AAVA so T4?

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You are now the first pilot at T4!

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I’ll take 54B please, thank you.

Signed you up! Check above!


Could I please get gate 41 at Terminal 4

I may be able to come, in that case, I’ll take on of the staff gates. Also, won’t KLAX on TS1 be a bit crazy?

Surprisingly TS1 KLAX is calm lately

Dang it, it is a little too early for me. I hope you guys have a great time!

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Hope to have you at a different event!

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