[FINISHED] Tenerife Flight @ LXGB - 020830ZJAN20

Gibraltar to Tenerife North

Hey Everyone, Today I will be hosting a group flight from Gibraltar to Tenerife North Airport. This event will be at 2020-01-02T08:30:00Z and is inspired by my event in late February which includes both a flyout of both airports in Tenerife! This flight will just cover Tenerife North.

Aircraft and Livery: British Airways A321

Server: Expert

NOTAMs: Please respect unicom.

Will You Join The Event?

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Thanks for Reading!


1:30 Until Departure

Hi, just to clarify, how long of a flight time are we expecting here?

Estimated ~1:45

maybe a bit less

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Oh I just realised it’s on expert. I can’t fly on that. Enjoy your flight!

No worries, will you be able to fly on the expert server for the event next month?

Yes next month I will 100%

Would you be interested in signing up now?

Sure sign me up.

There are many gates and flights, you can choose one here.

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Might come, might not but I hope to be there!

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I’ll be coming. Half an hour away!

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@Cpt_Zorndy I will put you down as a ‘maybe’

@EyesSkyward I look forward to seeing you there.

Flight information will be published on a PM with all attendees


Soz I’m certain I’m coming now

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Roger, see you there!

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Late to the party but made it 👌


We are now reaching the Canary Islands, Initial Decent is coming up soon.

Thank You Everyone for Coming!




Thanks for the well planned and executed mini event ! Here’s a pic from departure 👌

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