[FINISHED] Team+PocketRishi present Bahamas Landing Competition | @MYNN - 211300ZAPR19


Picture is suitable for commercial and private use. Created by @SkyHighSeb.

YouTube video with event details!

Mini FNF-style event organised in the beautiful state of Bahamas. Players are encouraged to fly-in, fly-out as they please, and also to practice their landings and see who has the best landing!

This event would be streamed by @SkyHighSeb (more details soon) for the entire duration of the event (2 hours). I (PocketRishi) would be present at the event to try some landings of my own, and also to record and edit a highlights reel of the event, which I would then upload.

HERE IS THE STREAM LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-XbbBgv73A&feature=youtu.be

Server: Training Server

Airport: MYNN | Lynden Pindling International Airport - Nassau, Bahamas

Time (this is your local time): Sunday, 21 April 2019 (Monday is Easter Monday)

ATC (Ground/Tower): @Guxk
ATC (Approach/Departure): @infiniteflight_schoo

NOTAM: As this would be held on the Training Server, it is requested that attendees follow any ATC instructions, and act in a courteous manner towards fellow players.


This is awesome! I will attend definitely! 👍


Thank you! We’ll let you know of any updates!


Will attend this sounds fun


Thank you really appreciate it! :)


I’ll join if you mind


You’re more than welcome to join! Thanks for confirming! We are planning to inform audiences about IF YouTubers attending


I’m not a big channel tho


Any chance this could be moved to after 3:00 Eastern time. I have school at 9:00. If I can join I will be in a
DC-11 KLM livery


Sorry the timings are not in my control as the streamers have agreed to this time as being the most suitable for them and 3pm ET is 5am for us in Australia. However, the day (21 April) is a Sunday and the day after is Easter Monday (it may a public holiday in your state).


Ok, I was wrong. I can fly then. I realized that I don’t have school that day. Sorry about the confusion


Definitely attending this one!


At What time will this happen if I’m living in India??


My sub ends on the 21, I wish I could go but I can’t! If it’s on Monday evening then I could go, We will see tho


Oh okay no worries, I’m guessing you’re busy over Sunday! Thanks for letting us know, see you in the skies!


I’ll stop by if I got the time :D
Same day as my birthday(updated my age on my profile a little early;)


I surely plan to drop by, this will be a fun event to show off my skills. 😏


can I join?


Sounds Great! I’d like to attend.


Happy birthday in advance! You have quite the IFC/VA resume!