[Finished] Taipei Fly Out! @ RCTP - 052100ZOCT19


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Taipei Fly Out!

About Event

Welcome to Taipei!
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport serves Taipei and Northern Taiwan. Taoyuan International Airport is Taiwan’s largest and busiest airport. It has provided as a hub for many different airlines, mainly consisting of EVA Air and China Airlines. As well as being a focus city for, Cathy Pacific, Mandarin Airlines, Thai Airways and SSingapore’sllow-costcarrier, Scoot.

Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Date and Time: [date=2019-10-05 time=07:00:00 timezone=“Australia/Brisbane”]

Event NOTAMs

  • Please spawn in 5-10 minutes prior to departure
    Please be responsible on the ground, watch out for other aircraft, no pushing in line, taxing on grass etc.
    Don’t spam the ATC Unicom frequency
    You’re responsible for yourself if you get violations or ghosted don’t complain.
    All pilots must organise a flight plan, fpltoif.com or Sim brief is reccomended.
    Please be cautious on the ground and in the air.

    Please act professionally in the air & on the ground at all times as this is Expert server. No trolling follow ATC instructions (If ATC is present).

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1 A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate A1 EVA Air A321-200 VHHH @Luke_L
Gate A2 EVA Air B78X ZGGG @Will_A
Gate A3 EVA Air
Gate A4 EVA Air
Gate A5 China Airlines A330-300 RPLL @Azure
Gate A6 China Airlines
Gate A7 China Airlines
Gate A8 China Airlines
Gate A9 China Airlines B77W RKSI @Captain_JR
Terminal 1 B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate B1 Cathy Pacific
Gate B2 Cathy Pacific
Gate B3 Cathy Pacific
Gate B4 Cathy Pacific
Gate B5 Cathy Pacific
Gate B6 Cathy Pacific
Gate B7 Cathy Pacific
Gate B8 Cathy Pacific
Gate B9 Cathy Pacific
Terminal 2 C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate C1
Gate C2
Gate C3
Gate C4
Gate C5
Gate C6
Gate C7
Gate C8
Gate C9
Gate C10
Terminal 2 D Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate D1
Gate D2
Gate D3
Gate D4
Gate D5
Gate D6
Gate D7
Gate D8
Gate D9
Gate D10
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo Apron 516
Cargo Apron 517
Cargo Apron 518
Cargo Apron519
Cargo Apron520
Cargo Apron 521
Cargo Apron 522
Cargo Apron 523
Cargo Apron 524
Cargo Apron 525
Remote Apron Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Remote Apron 601
Remote Apron 602
Remote Apron 603
Remote Apron 604
Remote Apron 605
Remote Apron 606
Remote Apron 607
Remote Apron 608
Remote Apron 609
Remote Apron 610
Remote Apron 611
Remote Apron 612A
Remote Apron 612B
Remote Apron 612C
Remote Apron 613
Remote Apron 614B
Remote Apron 614
Remote Apron 615
Remote Apron 801
Remote Apron 802
Remote Apron 803
Remote Apron 804
Remote Apron 805
Remote Apron 806
Remote Apron 807
Remote Apron 808
Remote Apron 808
Remote Apron 808A
Remote Apron 808B
Remote Apron 703
Remote Apron 702
Remote Apron 701

Requesting a Gaterequest

  • Before requesting a gate, please look at the terminals as some gates only operate certain Aircraft and Airlines.

  • When requesting a gate, write the following:

  • Airline

  • Gate

  • Aircraft

  • Destination [ICAO]

Airport Chart

If you’re unsure of where your gate will be or need some information on the airport layout, please see below.

RCTP Hub Routes

Some of the gates, require you to fly with a specific carrier. If you have chosen one of these gates, please see below a list of routes that carrier flys to.

EVA Air Routes
Cathy Pacific Routes

Stand By List

This list was made for those who are not able to confirm if they can attend. If you wish to be on this list please leave below:

  • Aircraft

  • Destination

  • Gate

  • *After, this information has been displayed please write, [STAND BY]

Hope to see you there!


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Hey this looks like a really good event but please follow the rules below!


I’ve accidentally posted it too early, I’m still working on it, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, I accidentally posted it too early still working on it :).

When you finish, I’ll take the China Airlines flight to RPLL

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Sure thing ;).

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Finished editing, you may now request gates!

Not sure if I’ll make it but can I have an Eva Gate?

Real world flight BR707


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Plane - Airbus A330-300

Most certainly! I can put you on the stand by list if you like?

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Thanks mate!

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I’d like to have,

Gate: A9
Aircraft: B77W
Destination (ICAO): RKSI

Thank You :)


No problem, see you there!

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