[FINISHED] Tailwinds Presents Destination Dubai! @ KLAX - 100300ZMAR18

Tailwinds Presents…


Server: Expert

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 0300Z, 7pm Pacific time On the 9th, 10pm Eastern time on the 9th

NOTAM: Join Tailwinds for a long haul to wrap up this week’s weekly airline join rather you be or not be in TFC!

134: @Daniel14
130: @Seeni
148: @Javian_J
150: @MrAlaska
152: @InfiniteFlightSlayer

Suggested Aircraft
Emirates A380
Emirates 777

more Gates will be added if needed

Official Thread


Lemme in plz…!
Plz advise on intended airliner & aircraft model…!


Added that on in! And check for your gate above!

I’ve changed my username.
Plz remove and add me again. Tnx.

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How long is it expected to take…?

Around 15-16 hrs will be the total flight time

I would definitely like a gate please!

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Check above for your gate assignment!

Ok that may be alright… I will have ro look

Sign me up ;) Any gate works.

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Added you ;) check above!

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Join while you can event is today!

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sad cant this week. But maybe next time.
Have fun guys :D!

Can I please have a gate?

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Yes let me get you one!

Event begins in an hour and 15 minutes join while you can!

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