[FINISHED] Tailwinds Flying Club Opening/Recruitment Event! Everyone is welcome! @ KLAX - 050100ZNOV17

I will cancel that one

@Ishan_S, what position are you in the Tailwinds VA?

I am the COO at tailwinds and we aren’t a VA we are a club

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Put me in for an Air France 747

You should know that, you’re the events coordinator

DOnt forget that if you like our event style to sign up!

And follow our thread for updates

@Joseph_Krol are you attending this event?

can I have a gate? American 777

When is the event? I thought I already requested a gate, Lufthansa A340?

We transfers to this event

So there is no longer an event flying to EDDF?

No longer exists ar this time

Oh, okay. I’ll have a AF 777-200

I would like a gate. I am taking an American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

That one was cancelled

Ill have a gate American 787-9

All of you will get a gate

The B777-200ER or the -300ER

Ill take a American 777-300

-300er is the one i’ll take