[FINISHED] Starting Spitfires (Spit Test) - Saturday Night Patterns @ KNKX - 122100ZMAY18

Hey everyone! For those that weren’t at the last SNP, here’s the info. Every Saturday night, someone (could be more than one person) from my group, the ATCEG, will control the airport, while the rest do touch-and-goes.

Last week, we were at NTAA. This week, we head over to California for patterns! KSAN has one runway, and is located in the US. Hope to see you there!

Server: Expert

Region: California, USA

Airport: KSAN

Time: May 12th, 2018, 2100Z

NOTAM: ATC will be open from 2100Z to 2200Z. Feel free to stop by and do some touch-and-goes. Please only use the Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII.


  1. @Trio
  2. @Kate_Russell
  3. @Cbro4 (TBD)
  4. @CaptAC
  5. @Royce

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TWR: @Trio
GND: @Trio

This week’s SNP will be on the expert server, the IFATC controller(s) who are controlling will be shown here.

Join the ATCEG: http://atcegif.weebly.com/contact.html

This post will be updated.

This week we head to the expert server, and we revisit KSAN!

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NOTAM: Because of traffic at KSAN, we will depart KSAN, then do touch and goes at KNKX.

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I am now open at KNKX on the expert server! Hop in a spit, depart from KSAN, join in at any time, and have fun! ✈️

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I am joining! Hope to have fun.

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And closed. Thank you everyone for coming! That was extremely fun!