[FINISHED] Star Alliance Virtual Series 1.0: A Colombian Flyout! @SKRG 181930ZAPR20

Star Alliance Virtual Series 1.0: José María Córdova Flyout!

Aéroport International José-María-Córdova

José María Córdova International Airport is the second largest airport in Colombia after El Dorado International Airport of Bogotá in terms of infrastructure and passenger service. It is located in the city of Rionegro, 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of Medellín.

José María Córdova International Airport: Avianca

SKRG (José María Airport) is the first hub in our series. This is an important destination for Avianca, and so, in honor of Avianca Virtual as a member of Star Alliance Virtual, we have decided their hub as the starting point for our first flyout.

Date: 2020-04-18T19:30:00Z
Server : Expert


  • Follow increased precautions. Use Unicom or ATC Commands wisely.

  • Avoid actions that could potentially annoy others or cause you to be ghosted.

  • Please act professionally at all times.

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

  • Infinite Flight does not have every aircraft that it flown in real life, so replacements will be added as needed.

Please Spawn 10 minutes before the event time at your respective gate

Credits: Kambui

SKRG Signups
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Duration Name
R11 Aeromexico B737 Mexico City (MMMX) 4h 25m @Kingdavid
R10 American B738 Miami (KMIA) 3h 15m @Mr_Pika_Man_Smith
01A Avianca A320 Barranquilla (SKBQ) 55m @GPilot118
01B Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 50m @United2
01 Avianca A320 Bucaramanga (SKBG) 35m @GameBoy_KIRB
02 Avianca A320 Cartegena (SKCG) 1h 5m @Jonathan_WRIGHT
03 Avianca A320 Cali (SKCL) 1h 5m @Micah_Brazil
04 Avianca A320 New York-JFK (KJFK) 5h 10m @EdCruz
05 Avianca A320 Miami (KMIA) 3h 15m @EvanScruggs
06 Avianca A320 Monteria (SKMR) 40m @ViperB727
07 Avianca A320 Santa Marta (SKSM) 1h 15m @AliAlex
08 JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 3h 20m @CheetahGaming_YT
08A Copa Airlines B738 Panama-Tocumen (MPTO) 1h 20m @Armani_B
09A Avianca A320 New York-JFK (KJFK) 5h 10m @Altaria55
09B Avianca B788 Madrid-Bajaras (LEMD) 9h 45m @Cpt_Zorndy
10 Air Europa B789 Madrid-Bajaras (LEMD) 9h 45m
10A Iberia B789 Madrid-Bajaras (LEMD) 9h 45m
10B LATAM A319 Bogota (SKBO) 50m @ran
11 LATAM A319 Barranquilla (SKBQ) 55m
12 Air Europa B789 Madrid-Bajaras (LEMD) 9h 45m
12A LATAM A319 San Andres (SKSP) 1h 50m
12B LATAM A319 Cartegena (SKCG) 1h 5m
14 Avianca B788 Madrid-Bajaras (LEMD) 9h 45m
14A Spirit A320 Orlando (KMCO) 3h 45m @Jafet_Zuniga
14B Spirit A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 3h 20m @Phazix
15 LATAM A319 Lima (SPJC) 3h 5m
16 Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 50m @JarrettFlies
17 Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 50m @Krypton
17A Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 50m @ThomasThePro
17B Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 50m @thenewpilot

We have limited gates, so sign up as soon as possible!

Star Alliance VA Thread


Shoutout to our events manager @GPilot118 for helping us out! Make sure to thank him when you sign up!


Could I have gate 08A to Panama please

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Sure, @Armani_B! You’ll be signed up shortly!

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I’ll take 17B to SKBO because I’m antisocial 😭 😂

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I should have gotten first dibs on this lmao

03 please

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I’m gonna take A01 Pls !

I know I like to participate to my own event

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This ones looking pretty Gud, count me in!

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New Signups!


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I just got ghosted 😓

Bad luck 😐

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I know, 😓🤣

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That needs to be changed to B787-8.

I will sign up for the JFK one, please!

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Yes we will change it
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Ill take un vuelo para Bogotà 🙋‍♂️

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01B Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 50m
This gates please. I am in UVAL.

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