(FINISHED!) {Sponsored by South African VA!} || Vol. #4 || What a Wonderful day to Fly at Moshoeshoe Int'l Airport! @ FXMM [Fly-out] - 121730ZMAY19

Do you see me @Springbok777?

I believe my job here is done, have a good one guys!


Thanks a lot for your services! Everyone enjoyed them! Great ATCing @TheWalkingFruit!


Thank you @TheWalkingFruit much appreciated dude, till next time


We’ll hang around for about 5min for photos.
We have a flight on Expert Server departing soon. FAOR-VHHH following the IFATC schedule. So @Emmanuel_Mgilane and I will be spawning out at 19h15z

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Guess we can despawn now, thanks everyone who attended the event as well as the organizers, ATC, fellow pilots, etc.


@Springbok777 see you just now on ES

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Thank you @Infinite_Flight_Sims for hosting this event. I really had fun.

@TheWalkingFruit thanks for ATC.

To all other participants we appreciate you coming!


Goodbye everyone!

I’ll be posting pictures soon!

What a wonderful flight! One last thank you to @Owain_G (CEO of South African VA) for making this event possible! Hope to see you in the next one!

Edit: Here’s the image thread:

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