(FINISHED!) {Sponsored by South African VA!} || Vol. #4 || What a Wonderful day to Fly at Moshoeshoe Int'l Airport! @ FXMM [Fly-out] - 121730ZMAY19

@TheWalkingFruit thanks for the ATC man, see you at FAOR shortly


I’ll be cruising at FL280 at M0.80

I’m use to STOL.
That take off was fun though! 🤣
Flaps 20, 40% trim and half weight.
Thrust at 95% N1 makes for a fun take off!


@Springbok777 I see Captain JJ en route to FACT

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@Infinite_Flight_Sims it happens LOL luckily we did not crash

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Decent Profile:
FL280 - FL150 @ -2800F/M
FL150 - Landing @ -800F/M
Speed: 300, 280, 240, 180, 130

We landing on R21R, at FAOR, right?

Oh but there’ll ATC @TheWalkingFruit

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I’m landing 03R at FAOR. Please land on that runway so we could park together. Need some nice shots :)

@Infinite_Flight_Sims 03R has a long taxi to the parking and open runways are 21R &, 21R. 21R us closer to the parking though.

@TheWalkingFruit is descending to land at FAKS probably to get time to open FAOR

Looking at the METAR I’ve decided that 21 side is best for takeoff and landing.

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Ok. Look at my FPL again. I changed it to R21L
Just Follow Me :)

21R it is.
Shall we make a right downwind? @TheWalkingFruit

Right downwind for 21R or left downwind for 21L, as you wish, remember, contact tower below 10000ft AGL and 25nm



I’ll follow you in.

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I’ll be doing right downwind. 50nm out!

We are over at the regional gates.

Coming over to @Springbok777 is.

We waiting for you guys, just offloading