(FINISHED!) {Sponsored by South African VA!} || Vol. #4 || What a Wonderful day to Fly at Moshoeshoe Int'l Airport! @ FXMM [Fly-out] - 121730ZMAY19

Welcome to This Week’s Event!

Here’s a little info about Moshoeshoe International Airport:

In this Weeks event, We’ll be going to Moshoeshoe Int’l Airport. Since we started these events, we paired with @anon70772274 to go to every country in the world! For those wishing to join us at all of our events, be sure to fill out this forum below:



If you want to do a different route, please PM me :)

Event Details:

Server: Training

Airport: FXMM (fly-out)

Time: 1730Z - 1800Z (2019-05-12T17:30:00Z2019-05-12T18:00:00Z)

Aircraft/Livery: CRJ 200/700 South African Express Livery


Use ATC/Unicom Professionally and respectfully
Follow the route given
And most importantly:


Gate 01 @Harish_Kumar1
Gate 02 @Infinite_Flight_Sims
Gate 03 @Emmanuel_Mgilane
Gate 04 @TYTY
GA Tie-Down 01 @Springbok777
GA Tie-Down 02
GA Tie-Down 03
GA Tie-Down 04
GA Tie-Down 05
GA Hangar 01
GA Hangar 02

Event Hours:

Start: 1730Z

End: 1800Z


We give a HUGE Thank You to South African Virtual Airlines for sponsoring this week’s event!

SAVA Official Thread Join SAVA Here!

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We Can’t Wait to see You There!


Joining I guess

I’m first yay btw

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You’re all signed up! I’ll give you GA Hangar 01

Thanks for Joining!

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Any chance to change it to a passenger gate?

We still have a lot of gates. Which one do you want?

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Any gate that’s not GA. You seem to place me there to be close together. I’d recommend moving both of us to the gates 1-4. No need to do so.

Thanks for the cooperation

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Ok! Will do 🙂

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Thanks can’t wait

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You can sign a gate for me I’ll come


Sure! Gate 03 is your’s 🙂

Sign me up, Callsign SAVA 26, CRJ-200

This might give me more Motivation for flying again, i am doing a lot ATC at the moment

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Thanks for joining! Gate 04 is your’s! Hope you have a great time! 🙂

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I will arive from Johannesburg 30 min before the event starts, then reloading passengers and then I fly out, possibly as one of the last ones

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Please sign me up.
Any aircraft, any gate

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Thank You! GA Tie-Down 01 is your’s! I’ll let you decide what aircraft you want 😉

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So today right?

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Yes! Today at 1730Z (2019-05-12T17:30:00Z)

sorry can’t join anymore

Ok. I’ll remove you. Maybe you could come next time!

Just spawned. Again, thank you to everyone who could make it!