[FINISHED] | Sponsored by American Virtual | Over 70 Attended! | Let's Fill O'Hare! @ KORD - 101830ZMAR19


I will make sure to wish you a happy birthday then!


Gate e6 to aspen please


Thanks for coming! See you there.


I’ll take C9 in a 737-700 to KDCA please?


Can I switch to a 777-200F to KMEM


Alright I’ll rejoin with the same gate/aircraft/destination as before 😂


@BadPlane how about an MD-11? I’m pretty sure I have one going to KMEM already.

@Delta319 I forgot what destination did you have?


This one. Thanks


Right sorry, I’ll get you back in.


Hey guys sign up!


Can i maybe change to gate L1


Terminal 5 M1 llease


@Matthew_20204 you have been changed.

@Callum_King1 you are signed up!


@Joseph007 I was at gate C8 to KPIT but can you change my gate to C22 but to KIAD? I’m sorry for the trouble. Still in the B739 though. Thank you


Hello. Thx for hosting this event.
May I have gate B17? That is the Lufthansa
747-8 inbound to EDDF. Thx


@Brad_Hoffman sure thing. You have been switched.

@United_1154 thank you for attending!

See you both there!


Sign up now! Event is getting closer!


Giving this a bump!


I’ll take Gate C24 to TJSJ!


Sorry for the late reply, you’re signed up!