[FINISHED] | Sponsored by American Virtual | Over 70 Attended! | Let's Fill O'Hare! @ KORD - 101830ZMAR19


Sounds good bro cruising at FL340 now and haha yeah RIP take off. Pretty sure I did a hard tail strike lol



Thank you to all that attended! Very grateful we had a nice fly-out today! But I think the real big thanks goes to @mkwiecek and @GHOST_Heavy for running our tower, ground and ATIS! Having an event this smooth could not have been possible without them! So thank them too!

I hope you all have safe flights to wherever you’re going!

Blue skies,



Happy to help @Joseph007 ! Happy flying to all pilots!

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Lufthansa Cargo 388 Heavy Departed Chicago O’Hare to Los Angles with a delay of 40 minutes. Payload: 40T 📦📦💼

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Sorry I didn’t make it! Hope to join at another event of yours :]


Also if you haven’t done so already, sign up here!


Currently at 37,900 ft. making my way up to 40,000 with a VS of +100 headed to San Jose!

It was a great event!

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and yet your flight plan still shows the one from when you flew in from detroit. uhhhh…

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Well, I do not know why, but I have a flight plan set to San Jose, probably just some mistake

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who knows xD

must be a system error since you didn’t despawn


Thanks again for the event Joseph! About a little over an hour out from DFW!

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About 20 min away from KBOS thanks for a great event

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No problem guys! Thanks for coming!

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Just landed in Washington Dulles. Huge tailwind the whole way so I arrived 30 minutes early. Thanks for the event and can’t wait for IAH!

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That will be another fun one!

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Here is my flight report

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Just landed in DFW! It’s was a smooth and safe ride. Again, great job Joseph, hope to attend another one of you events!

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One is in the works as we speak! Expect it in the coming week:)


Still 2 hours and 45 minutes to San Jose! I will post my best pictures when I complete the flight!

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Lufthansa Cargo 338 Heavy approaching KLAX after a 4 hour flight. The scenery is beautiful! 📦📦💼

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