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Massive O’Hare Fly-out!

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Hello and welcome to my 3rd ever event! This event will take place at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Chicago O’Hare is a massive airport located in the Midwest of the United States. In 2017 Chicago O’Hare welcomed over 79 million people! That is a crazy amount of people in one entire year! With 8 runways to use on the this fly-out, it will hopefully be very busy.

Chicago O’Hare is a big hub for the airlines United and American and it is a focus city for Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. In this fly-out there will be multiple routes to choose from to your hometown or to a destination that looks good to you. I will try to fit in most of the routes the airlines fly but there are many so I might not get all of them. So c’mon down to the Windy City and sign up for a gate before they’re all gone!

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: KORD

Time: March 10, 1930Z 2019-03-10T18:30:00Z

- On expert so please be professional

- Departing runways will be announced a day before this event

- Use unicom appropriately

- Listen to ATC instructions if there is any ATC active

New Thing Being Tried at this Event!

In this event I am going to try and add featured routes out of O’Hare. Featured routes are going to be routes in real life and in Infinite Flight that are beautiful and pretty to fly through that scenery. I don’t think this has been tried in any other event before but I am not quite sure. I will not take credit for making these featured routes. For example some routes to Colorado may be featured because of the mountains surrounding the airports. Another example would be Cancun because of the little blue ocean scenery of the Gulf of Mexico.

Tell me when you sign up if this is a good idea or not please! If I get good feedback from this in my future events I will put featured routes in! I will try and add around 15-20 featured routes for this fly-out.

Basic Info On Chicago O’Hare

At Chicago O’Hare there are 5 terminals and 9 concourses within the terminals. Here are the airlines that operate out of each terminal and the concourses within each terminal. These will be airlines that depart and not arrive from each terminal.

Terminal 1
  • United Airlines
  • ANA (All Nippon Airways)
  • Lufthansa
  • Ethiopian Airlines
Terminal 2
  • Air Canada
  • United Express
  • Delta Airlines
Terminal 3
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Iberia Airlines
  • JAL (Japan Airlines)
  • jetBlue
  • Spirit Airlines
Terminal 5 (International Terminal)
  • Aer Lingus
  • AeroMexico
  • Air France
  • Air India
  • Air NewZealand
  • Alitalia
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Avianca Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Copa Airlines
  • Eva Air
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Finnair
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Interjet
  • KLM
  • Korean Airlines
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Norwegian
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Jordanian
  • SAS (Scandinavian)
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Volaris
  • WOW Air
  • Westjet

*Obviously I won’t be able to fit every airline in the International Terminal so I will put some in but I can move them around if requested.

Here is a terminal map in Infinite Flight -

More information on Chicago O’Hare if you would like to read here -

Commercial Gates

Concourse B (Terminal 1)

B1 - United Airlines B737-900 to KAUS -

B2 - United Airlines A320-200 to KBWI - @Steven_Duvall

B3 - United Airlines B737-900 to KPHX -

B4 - United Airlines B737-900 to KBOS -

B5 - United Airlines B737-900 to KEWR - @Kate_Russell

B6 - United Airlines B737-800 to KCLE - @airbavaria

B7 - United Airlines B737-900 to MMUN - @Pilot_Waters

B8 - United Airlines A320-200 to KCLT -

B9 - United Airlines A320-200 to KDFW - @Lufthansa454

B10 - United Airlines B737-900 to KDEN - @will_pugh

B11 - United Airlines B737-700 to KDCA -

B12 - United Airlines B737-900 to KEWR - @Altaria55

B13 - United Airlines B737-900 to KLAX - @WakeTurV7

B14 - United Airlines A320-200 to KIAH - @DiamondGaming4

B15 - United Airlines A320-200 to KMCI - @marquise_carter

B16 - Ethiopian B787-8 to HAAB (featured) -

B17 - Lufthansa B747-8i to EDDF - @United_1154

B18 - United Airlines B737-900 to KLAS -

B19 - United Airlines B737-900 to KLAX - @Matt777

B20 - United Airlines B737-800 to MMMX -

B21 -United Airlines A320-200 to KMIA -

B22 - United Airlines B737-800 to KSAN -

B23 - United Airlines A320-200 to KBNA -

B24 - United Airlines B737-900 to KEWR - @AvaitionFreak

Concourse C (Terminal 1)

C1 - United Express CRJ-200 to CYWG -

C2 - United Express E170 to KDCA -

C3 - United Express CRJ-200 to KICT -

C4 - United Express CRJ-200 to KUNV -

C5 - United Express CRJ-200 to KSBN -

C6 - United Express CRJ-700 to KFSD -

C7 - United Express CRJ-200 to KMSN -

C8 - United Airlines CRJ-700 to KPIT -

C9 - United Airlines B737-700 to KDCA - @JeromeJ

C10 - United Airlines B777-200 to ZBAA -

C11 - United Airlines A320-200 to KSMF -

C15 - United Airlines A320-200 to KSLC -

C16 - United Airlines B777-200 to KEWR - @Carolina_Taylor

C17 - United Airlines A320-200 to KLGA - @757fan

C18 - United Airlines B777-200 to PHNL - @langer00am

C19 - United Airlines B767-300 to EGLL -

C20 - United Airlines B777-200 to EDDF - @esant_15

C21 - United Airlines B767-300 to EHAM -

C22 - United Airlines B737-900 to KIAD - @Brad

C23 - United Airlines B737-900 to KSJC - @BigBert10

C24 - United Airlines B737-900 to TJSJ (featured) -

C25 - United Airlines A320-200 to KSEA -

C26 - United Airlines A320-200 to KGEG (featured) -

C27 - United Airlines B737-900 to KMCO -

C28 - United Airlines A320-200 to CYVR -

C29 - United Airlines B737-900 to KEWR - @Captain_JR

C30 - United Airlines B737-700 to KEGE (featured) - @ORDFlyer

C31 - United Airlines B737-700 to KJAC -

Concourse E (Terminal 2)

E1 - United Express CRJ-200 to KMBS -

E2 - Air Canada E170 to CYYZ - @TenMileJones

E3 - Air Canada E170 to CYUL -

E4 - Air Canada CRJ-900 to CYVR -

E5 - United Express CRJ-700 to KABQ -

E6 - United Express CRJ-700 to KASE (featured) -

E7 - United Express E170 to KBOI -

E8 - United Express CRJ-200 to KCLE -

E9 - United Express CRJ-200 to KFNT -

E10 - United Express CRJ-200 to KCOS -

E12 - United Express CRJ-200 to KTVC -

E13A - Delta Airlines A319-100 to KSEA - @Delta319

E14 - United Express CRJ-700 to KJAC (featured) - @Michael_Czyz

E15 - Delta Airlines A319-100 to KSEA -

E16 - United Express CRJ-200 to KMKG -

E17 - Delta Airlines B717-200 to KDTW - @KDOT

Concourse F (Terminal 2)

F1 - United Express E170 to KJAX -

F2 - United Express CRJ-700 to KMEM -

F3 - United Express CRJ-200 to KMKE -

F4 - United Express CRJ-200 to KLIT -

F5 - United Express E170 to KDFW -

F6 - United Express CRJ-200 to KSDF -

F7 - United Express CRJ-700 to KRDU -

F8 - United Express CRJ-700 to KPHL -

F9 - United Express E170 to KOMA - @anon82246052

F10 - United Express CRJ-200 to KROC -

F11 - United Express CRJ-200 to KTUL -

F12 - United Express CRJ-700 to KPIT -

F14 - United Express CRJ-700 to KSTL -

F15 - United Express CRJ-700 to KOKC (featured) -

F17 - United Express E170 to KLGA -

F19 - United Express CRJ-700 to KSAT (featured) -

F20 - United Express CRJ-700 to KPNS -

F21 - United Express CRJ-700 to KTUS - @Matthew_20204

F23 - United Express CRJ-700 to KPWM -

F24 - United Express CRJ-700 to KBDL -

F25 - United Express E170 to KDCA -

F26 - United Express CRJ-200 to KRIC - @Niccckk

F27 - United Express CRJ-700 to KMTJ (featured) -

F28 - United Express CRJ-200 to KAZO -

Concourse G (Terminal 3)

G1B - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KALB -

G1A - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KABQ (featured) -

G1C - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KATL -

G2A - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KBWI -

G4 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KBOI -

G5 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KCHA -

G6A - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KCLE -

G6B - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KCOS -

G7 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KDTW -

G8 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KELP -

G9 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KFAR -

G10 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KGRR -

G11 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KBDL -

G12 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KIND -

G13 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KMCI -

G14 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KTYS -

G14A - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KSDF -

G16 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KSAW -

G17 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KBNA -

G18 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KEWR -

G19 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KPIT -

G19A - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KSAT -

G20 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KSYR -

G21 - American Eagle CRJ-200 to CYYZ -

Concourse H (Terminal 3)

H1A - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KSRQ -

H1B - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KMLI -

H2 - American Eagle CRJ-700 to KORF -

H3A - American Eagle CRJ-200 to KCAK -

H3B - American Airlines B737-800 to KABQ - @Joseph007

H4 - American Airlines B737-800 to KSJC - @GlobalFlyer1

H5 - American Airlines B737-800 to KDEN -

H6 - American Airlines B737-800 to MMUN (featured) -

H8 - American Airlines A321-200 to KDFW - @ChaiAir

H9 - American Airlines B737-800 to KJFK - @FrankieFremont

H10 - American Airlines B737-800 to KFLL - @CameronH21

H11A - American Airlines B737-800 to KDCA - @21cabbage

H11B - American Airlines B737-800 to KBOS - @Cole_Washburn

H12 - American Airlines B737-800 to KLAS - @Ryan_Poteet

H14 - American Airlines B737-800 to KLAX - @FuZion_Sami

H15 - American Airlines B787-9 to EGLL (featured) - @Sebastian9915

H17 - American Airlines B737-800 to KDCA - @baseball_inferno

H18 - American Airlines B787-9 to LFPG - @Tajay

Concourse K (Terminal 3)

K1 - American Airlines B737-800 to KMSP - @travelingcornstalk

K2 - American Airlines B737-800 to KATL - @Canela_Cerdan

K3 - American Airlines B737-800 to KLGA - @anon56490189

K4 - American Airlines B737-800 to KEWR -

K5 - American Airlines B787-9 to KDFW - @infiniteflightskyy

K6 - American Airlines B737-800 to KLAX - @danielsalome04

K8 - American Airlines B737-800 to KATL - @Captain_Adri

K9 - Iberia (Generic) A330-300 to LEMD -

K10 - American Airlines A321-200 to KPHX - @AgentQuu

K12 - American Airlines B787-9 to KLAS - @VAnuj

K13X - American Airlines B787-9 to LIRF - @mkwiecek

K15 - American Airlines B787-9 to KPHX - @JulianQ

K16 - American Airlines B787-9 to LEBL -

K18 - American Airlines A321-200 to KSFO - @mvh1221

K19X - Japan Airlines B777-200 to RJAA - @SimpleWaffles

K20 - American Airlines B737-800 to KSLC - @Vdennis1

Concourse L (Terminal 3)

L1 - Alaska Airlines B737-900 to KSEA (featured) - @Matthew_20204

L2A - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KATL -

L2C - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KLGA -

L3 - Alaska Airlines A320-200 to KSFO -

L4 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KSAN -

L5 - Alaska Airlines A320-200 to KLAX - @Dylan_M

L6 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to MMUN -

L7 - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KDFW -

L8 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KDEN -

L9 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KFLL (featured) -

L10 -Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KLAX -

L10B - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KIAH -

L10C - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KLAS -

L11 - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KMCO -

L20 - jetBlue E-190 to KBOS -

Concourse M (Terminal 5) (International) 4 GATES LEFT!

M1 - Frontier Airlines A320-200 to KDEN - @Callum_King1

M2B - Frontier Airlines A321-200 to MMUN - @Cargo

M3 - SAS A330-300 to ESSA -

M4 - Qatar Airways B777-300 to OTHH (featured) -

M5 - Emirates B777-300 to OMDB - @BlueAcidball

M7 - Turkish Airlines B777-300 to LTBA - @ShadowCloud

M8 - British Airways B747-400 to EGLL - @DevPatel

M9 - Air New Zealand B787-9 to NZAA (featured) -

M10 - LOT Polish Airlines B787-8 to EPWA (featured) - @Blue_Diamond196

M11 - KLM B787-9 to EHAM - @ClarenceTheAvgeek

M12 - EVA Air B787-10 to RCTP -

M13 - Air India B777-200LR to VIDP - @Ayush_Mathur

M15 - Asiana B777-200 to RKSI -

M16 - Cathay Pacific B777-300 to VHHH - @ckc2000

M17 - Air New Zealand B787-9 to NZAA - @TheJ3estPenguin

M18 - Volaris A319-100 to MMGL - @JIA_345

M19 - AeroMexico B737-700 to MMMX -

M20 - WOW Air A320-200 to BIKF (featured) -

M21 - Copa Airlines B737-800 to MPTO - @Carlo-Espino10

Cargo Gates


Southwest Cargo Apron SW01 - Fedex MD-11F to KMEM -

Southwest Cargo Apron SW02 - Fedex DC-10F to KLAX - @Codyn_2004

Southwest Cargo Apron SW03 - Fedex MD-11F to KOAK -

Southwest Cargo Apron SW04 - Fedex DC-10F to KIND -

Southwest Cargo Apron SW05 - Fedex DC-10F to KEWR -

Southwest Cargo Apron SW06 - Lufthansa MD-11F to KLAX - @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

Southwest Cargo Apron SW07 - Lufthansa MD-11F to EDDF -

Southwest Cargo Apron SW08 - Any (No larger than a MD-11/DC-10) -

Southwest Cargo Apron SW09 - Any (No larger than a MD-11/DC-10) -

Southwest Central Cargo Apron 01 - Cargolux B747-8F to PANC (featured) - @BennyBoy_Alpha

Southwest Central Cargo Apron 02 - Cargolux B747-8F to ELLX -

Southwest Central Cargo Apron 03 - Nippon Cargo B747-8F to KDFW -

Southwest Central Cargo Apron 04 - Nippon Cargo B747-8F to PANC -

Northeast Cargo Apron 01 - Emirates SkyCargo B777-200F to EHBK -

Northeast Cargo Apron 02 - Qatar Airways B777-200F to LIMC (featured) -

Northeast Cargo Apron 03 - Qatar Airways B777-200F to ELLX -

Northeast Cargo Apron 04 - AirFrance Cargo B777-200F to LFPG

Northeast Cargo Apron 05 - AirChina Cargo B777-200F to ZBAA -

Northeast Cargo Apron 06 - China Southern Cargo B777-200F to ZSPD (featured) -

Northeast Cargo Apron 07 - AirBridge Cargo B747-8F to UUEE -

Northeast Cargo Apron 08 - AirBridge Cargo B747-8F to EDDF -

Northeast Cargo Ramp 09 - FedEx Cargo B777-200F to KMEM - @BadPlane

Here are some helpful flight plan links:

SimBrief Tutorial -

Hope to see you at Chicago O’Hare!

More gates can be added if needed!

Gate requests close 30 minutes prior to the event!

Watch those violations and ghosts a week before the event!

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I somewhat know how to format this time:)

There might be a few mistakes but some of you can point them out to me.

Thanks for attending, Joseph.

Chicago O’Hare Ground Chart

Chicago O’Hare Gate Map

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May I have this gate, but instead of the 757-200, can I take the 737-900 instead?

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Sure thing!

Thanks for attending:)


I can take C5.

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It’d be rude not to join an event at my home airport! K13X for me!


Can I have gate C20 to EDDF?

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@Joseph007 this airport is my home airport and just so you know concourse c gates C1-C8 only operate CRJs and ERJs. Mainly crj 700s but every now and again you’ll see a crj 200 or erj 170/175


Count me in. Any gate. AAV72

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Ill take K16 to LEBL. AAV4291.

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@ORDFlyer @mkwiecek @esant_15 @Dylan_T you are all signed up, thanks for coming.

@Vdennis1 I put you going to KSLC, gate K20.

@Brad I did realize this, I am in the process of changing them.


Hi there I would like C2 United 739 to KEWR please.

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Whoops I had just finished editing those gates because they did not fit 737s, would it be alright if i put you somewhere else? I am very sorry @Kate_Russell


I will take H5, but change the destination to DEN? Thanks. :)

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Thanks for joining:)


Is B5 to KEWR okay? I changed it around.


I’ll take K12 to KLAS!

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Yes that is fine

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You are in, thanks again for sponsoring this!


I’ll take the usual please but with the B739

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Wait what is the usual? SARCASM:)

Thanks, you at gate C23!