[FINISHED] Special Ops Mission @ KNID - 231130ZDEC19

Special Ops Mission

The United States Government has a mission for you. You must meet at 11:30Z at KNID (China Lake)

There will be a flyover of KLAX (Los Angeles) with multiple fighters and C-130 variants.

The Flyover will be at 6,000ft over LAX on the training server (TS) and we will be returning and landing at KEDW.

Please Reply to this topic and you will be assigned an aircraft. Once you join, you will be added to a group PM. All small questions will be handled there, including aircraft livery, etc.

This is a dangerous mission. Good Luck.

Would love to join, but my schedule today is a little unclear. Can I get back to you later?

Of course. PM me and we can discuss times.

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Thank you.

Bumping this so all my military pilots can see.

Attention Military Pilots!

Event Starting in 30 Minutes

Is it to late to join?

No it isn’t. It’ll just be us though.

Oh okay :/

I’ll add you to the PM

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Event Has Finished. We showed up and rocked the show.
Mods may now close.


Hi Everyone! Please Check Out The #screenshots-and-videos Topic For This GroupFlight!

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