(FINISHED!)Southwest 1st Annual Free Flight @ KDAL - 061800ZJAN19



Airport: KDAL


Time: 1h & 45m to 2h & 00m

Notam: We should depart from the Gate at KDAL by 17:55Z & takeoff by no later than 18:10Z. Pick a spot down below. Also come in any Southwest -700 or -800 Livery.

1: @jakey2_0
4: @Lee88
5: @Lufthansa454
6: @Matias_Oliva
10: @keishawn_24k
KBUR Tower ATC: @Luke_Sta
KDAL Tower ATC: @HadenJohnson

KBUR Ground ATC: @Luke_Sta
KDAL Ground ATC:

Southwest 1st Annual Free Flight Today!
Southwest Event at 6(CST)

Could you use the time conversion thing in settings? It has a globe by it.


1 day is a bit fast for an event, but I should be able to be tower for both airports, not ground though😉


can I have ground at kdal


I changed it


sorry I cant do that time for ground sorry


I would like to participate, but at that time tomorrow I’m actually flying an actual plane so its not posible :(. Maybe next time. Cheers!


is there any chance you can change it to 8 or 9 don’t matter if u cant


That time change doesn’t work for me, sorry, I guess I’ll do a VA flight in that time


are you free any other time tomorrow evening


6pm to 8pm


that works add me as ground


For which airports?


KDAL will check if I can do KBUR but I have school on Monday so cant do late


I’ll grab tower at kdal


It’s over a day long. What’s up with that?


I fixed the issue


Gate 1 Please


It’s confusing I’m sorry what time is the flight


It’s 6:00pm to 7:45pm CST. We should be taking off at 1800Z.