(FINISHED) Soaring Above Taipei @ RCTP - 280000ZAPR19

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first event! I have decided to feature none other than Taipei Taoyuan, the busiest and largest airport in Taiwan, and 10th busiest in the world. Being the international hub of two major airlines, Eva Air and China Airlines, the airport is also served by a plethora of airlines across Asia, connecting the island with every continent worldwide. Let’s fill Taoyuan!

Server: Training

Airport: RCTP

Date and Time: 2019-04-28T00:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please be courteous to fellow pilots - no cutting in line, spamming the frequency, taxiing through planes, etc. Obey all ATC instructions or, if unavailable use Unicom properly.


Only terminal one gates are available because I do not expect high traffic for my first event, but more gates will be added if necessary.

Gate Info

Gate Livery / Aircraft / Destination Attendant
A2 Eva Air / B781 / VHHH @8SmartFlying
A3 Scoot / B789 / RKSI @Ethan4
A4 China Airlines / A333 / VIDP @Siddhansh
A5 Air Asia X / A333 / WMKK @QFA_12
B1 Eva Air / A321 / ZGGG @Charles_Sandel
B4 China Airlines / B77W / KLAX @TaipeiGuru

When requesting a gate, please state your aircraft, livery and planned destination.

Ground: @joshua_morrissette
Tower: @joshua_morrissette

Suggested Routes:
Cathay Pacific | B77W | VHHH
China Airlines | A330 | RJAA
Scoot | B789 | RKSI
Singapore Airlines | B781 | WSSS
Eva Air | B77W | KLAX


Gate B1/Eva Air/A321/ZGGG

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Gate A3/Scoot/B789/RKSI
Thanks! :D

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@LegendaryRoro88 you interested? lol

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Thanks, I have added you both!

I would come but I can’t make the flight. Sorry

To try to entice more pilots into joining, I have changed the event to 2019-04-28T00:00:00Z (SUNDAY!)
Only two weeks to go, let’s try and fill Taipei!

@Charles_Sandel @Ethan4 if you cannot make it due to this change, let me know and I will remove you.

Is there a flight that’s less than a hour

Sure! Do a quick hop to Taichung (RCMQ), to the southern part of Taiwan. It’s not an actual flight flown by any airlines so you can go ahead and pick any plane you want.
If you are willing to stretch a little over one hour, try a flight to Hong Kong (VHHH) or Okinawa (ROAH). Both are about 1hr 15min.

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Give me time to think before I join

Tower atc please

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Sure, you’re in!

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Do you want me to do both ground and tower?

Since traffic doesn’t look too high, I think it would be nice if you did

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I’ll do both

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Please message me what your callsigns are so I know who is in the server during the event thanks.

Gate please…China airlines a330 to Delhi

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You’re in! :)

Could I please get gate B4 (China Airlines 777-300ER) to Los Angeles?

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Could I do this air Asia x a333 to kul

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