[Finished] SNP is Back! - Sunday Night Patterns @ KILN - 111900ZNOV18

Hey everyone! For those that weren’t at the last SNP, here’s the info. Every Sunday night, someone from Plane and Pilot’s ATC team will control the airport, while the pilots do touch-and-goes.

Last time, we were at KLUK. This week, we head stay in Ohio for patterns! We head over to KILN, as it is where the first SNP was held. KILN has two runways, and is located in the USA. Hope to see you there!

Event Details

Server: Training

Aircraft: Any GA aircraft (SR22, C208, C172, etc)

Airport: KILN

Date / Time: November 11, 2018 7:00 PMNovember 11, 2018 8:00 PM



  1. @Kaj
  2. @baseball_inferno
  3. @Trevor_A
  4. @PlaneCrazy
  5. @Blitzkreig2012

ATC: Tower and Ground only. You must be a member of Plane & Pilot ATC in order to control at this event. (Join our team: here)

1900Z - 1930Z= @Ryan_Vidad
1930Z - 2000Z= @Peter_S

Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

Event Credits

Coordinator: @Cbro4

ATC manager: @jakevaz423


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I would like to fly pattern, please.


I’ll join.Wont hurt to do some patterns to get some Landings and XP.What about ATCEG controllers @Cbro4?


Only P&P ATC Member can control, not ATCEG.

But, if the a P&P ATC Member is part of ATCEG, then he/she can control because they have passed the P&P ATC Test.


I want to join

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Thank you!

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This is a Plane & Pilot event, not an ATCEG event.


I don’t know if he made it a wiki where regulars can add your name

@Kaj I do not understand, could you please rephrase that?

If he made it a wiki regulars could’ve added your name,

All regular can edit this topic, that what we call wiki.

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I have recently been submitted to PP ATC and would like to be ATC.Sorry for any inconvenience caused

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Omg SNP is back and so will I be…sign me up


Since I’m in P&P ATC, can I have ground or tower?

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Which time?

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Less than 24 hours until we start! Can’t wait!


Sorry, I am unable to go cause family.

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Less than 1 hour until we start! Sign up while you still can!

I may be a little late to the party but I’ll be there

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May I join you folks?