[FINISHED] Ski Country, USA | WhiteCapsAir Recruitment Event @ KEGE - 280000ZJAN18

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to WhiteCaps Air’s second ever event! Fly one of our established routes, and come enjoy the gorgeous scenery and snow-capped mountains with us in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Ski Country, USA.

Server: Training

Arrival Airport: KEGE

Meet Up Time: 0000Z - 7/6 Central, Saturday, Jan. 27th

NOTAM: This is a fly-in event, plan to arrive at KEGE no later than 0010Z - Fly one of the established routes, or fly your own.

Established Routes for this Event:

KLAX - KEGE (2:10 En Route)
(Boeing 737-700)

KSEA - KEGE (2:30 En Route)
(Boeing 737-700)

KDEN - KEGE (1:00 En Route)
(Dash 8-Q400, Embraer E-170)

KCOS - KEGE (1:00 En Route)
(Dash 8-Q400)

KGUC - KEGE (0:50 En Route)
(Dash 8-Q400)

KDRO - KEGE (1:05 En Route)
(Dash 8-Q400)

Sign Up Sheet
If you will be joining us, please notify us so that we may put your name below:


Enjoy our event?
Consider joining WhiteCaps Air!

We hope to see you in the skies! :)


Might come, lemme think about it.

Cool! I am skiing in Vail right now! I don’t think I will be able to attend as I’ll be skiing until at least 4, but I will try!

Such a hard decision because I’m planing to go to Disneyland that day.

I’ll try to come in a E175. Also what time do I have to be there in Eastern Time?

It would be 7 in eastern time.

I might be able to make… if this is in the afternoon (est)

It’s 7 PM est. I’ll sign you up.

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Looks like I have a high chance of making it

One day left until the event! Anyone can join, sign up now!

I will try to make it there 😊

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Awesome! you’re all set.

Event is in 6 hours. Anyone can come!

I’ll be there.KLAX-KEGE 737-300

Cool, I’ll sign you up!

What time does this start?

Just be at KEGE by 0000Z, that is when we are meeting up.

Damn I’m Landing 00:27GMT since I’m currently en route from JFK to LCY.

Add me a gate and I will see if I can come.

No problem. Hope to see you at the next one!