[FINISHED] Shanghai Pudong - Newark Liberty (Real life flight)! @ ZSPD - 120130ZNOV17

You should do OMDB to Auckland.

For this flight why not we use the United 744?

Oh yeah it’s out of service.

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You’re currently a basic user, that is why you’re not allowed to make events and the moderators shut them down, to make events you have to be Trust level two, you will get an achievement called “member” when you get to TL2, to get to TL2, you just read posts, reply and participate in events and chats, if you do that, you’ll be at TL2 in no time :)


Ok thanks it was in my head and i needed to ask.

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Ok but when I get TL2 how do you make a good event like you do because I know they might say “use the correct format”

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Thank you know I know what to do.

And you can just copy and paste my format here and then just change the the info to one that suits your event

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Can I join tailwinds club?

Or how do I join tailwinds club?

Pm me I’m the CEO and I will get you all info :)

Hi can I join thetailwind club I’m interested in it.

Let me PM you with the info :)

Ask our CEO @Daniel14

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Ok thanks

Really appreciate it.

I already sent you the PM :)

I think you should at least offer an option to switch the United livery, It’s kinda boring with no variety…

Ok, I’ll let you choose between the 2 United liveries

Then I will have the Battleship Gray United 777-200ER, callsign United 674 Heavy.

Roger that sir…

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